Friday, July 24, 2009

Advice wanted!

I know that lots of pregnant women dont like people giving them advice, but I'm soaking it all up since I have no idea what I'm doing! So I wanted to ask a few questions for you blogging mums out there!!
  1. What are some of the things that you bought (for either pregnancy or for the baby) that you thought you'd use heaps, but never did - or used once and never used again?
  2. What sort of pram is best? All I know is that I want a light weight one! 3-wheeler? 4-wheeler? Brand?
  3. If you used a breast pump, did you use manual or electric?
  4. Baby sling/Baby Bjorn thing - any thoughts?
  5. Nappy wrapper buckets - any good?

I have a million questions, but that will do for now LOL!

Yesterday I did a cycle class again. This time I spoke to the instructor beforehand and told him I was pregnant and he gave me some tips, including raising the handlebars since I'm now a bit "front-heavy". I tried not to go all-out, but he did chastise me a little (good-naturedly of course!) afterwards for going a bit too hard... I just cant help myself!!

I got a bit of light DOMS from an upper body workout this week, which was nice. I didn't particularly lift anything heavier than I have been, so I dont know what that was about. But it was nice to feel my muscles again for a few days!

I've stayed home sick today because yesterday my left tonsil swelled up like a balloon full of razors. The chemist wouldn't let me have anything except Butter Menthols and panadol. Today my throat feels better, but I'm feeling thick in the head and am coughing so I thought I should stay home rather than share my germs around at the office. I'm trying not to get paranoid about swine... Pregnancy and swine doesn't seem to be a good mix at the moment :(

We have our 19 week ultrasound next Wednesday - cant wait to see tic tac again! I'm starting to really look pregnant now, which is exciting and bizarre at the same time LOL!


Andrea said...

Hi Hils -
I'd love to help by answering some questions for you!
1. I bought a snugglebed for Harris because I thought we would be putting him in the cot right from the start I have hardly used it at all. Just a few times when we went away places. We were given a port a cot and I've never used it. Honestly - when Harris was first born we could have gotten away with a bouncer/rocker, a bassinet, 0000 clothes and the change table. Oh and the pram of course.

2. Prams are very much a personal choice thing.You have to look at the kinds of things you will be using the pram for and make your decision from there. I knew that I wanted to walk/jog so a three wheeler was always on the cards for me. I have a baby jogger city elite and love it but it has some features that don't appeal to everyone - mainly that you can't make it so the the baby faces you. Some people feel that is really important. Mine is 12 kg and quite bulky with a wide wheel base - there are some shops I don't even bother going into because my wheels get stuck. I really like the prams where the seat part clips out and becomes the car capsule.
We bought a reversible car seat and I kind of wish we had had a capsule. Having said that - my pram has been perfect for the purpose I bought it for and I wouldn't swap if at all. I always knew that I would buy a stroller once Harris could sit on his own so that we had something more lightweight as well. I just bought a qicksmart stroller which weighs 6kg and packs up really small. I plan to keep that one in the car for going to the shops and keep the other one more for walking. I do a lot of walking though.

3. I didn't buy a breast pump but I did borrow one after about a month - just an avent isis manual one. It has been a god send for those times when there is just too much milk and you are absolutely bursting and need to release some pressure. Saying that thought - there is an art to expressing. I tend to express from one side while I'm feeding on the other - I found it was much easier to get more milk out because you have the babay helping you out with the let down reflex. It does depend on how often you plan to express though. Harris won't take a bottle so I was expressing just for comfort and now I just use it to get enough milk to mix up his rice cereal.

4. I have both a babasling and a baby bjorn, and I couldn't live without them. They both have their virtues. Harris was a baby who really liked to be held all the time so without this I would have got nothing done around the house at all in those first six weeks. We used the baby bjorn for going walking a lot too when Harris was really little. Also used to to do the grocery shopping.

5. I don't have a nappy wrapper bucket but I was contemplating buying one - now I am glad I didn't. We just keep a plastic bag on a hook next to the change mat and take it out to the garbage once or twice a day.

Any other questions feel free to email me!


Frankie said...

Hey Hilary.

I never used my baby sling/harness.

I had two strollers. One light and small with small wheels that were manoeverable for around the shops etc. The other was a big 4WD type with big wheels. Much easier for going for walks on the road or beach, BEST thing I bought. Mine just a steelcraft. Now my ex neighbour has it and uses it all the time. But, you still need a little lite one for shops etc for sure. Oh and also good for rocking baby with one foot while you try to sit and eat dinner!

I wouldn't be a special bucket. Just a normal bin or bag. Baby's poo doesn't really smell much if you are breastfeeding. Once they start on solids though you should just get some of those nappy bags..they're like perfumed doggy poo bags.

Change table DEFINITELY - saves your back.

I had a manual breast pump that I used ONCE as it was all too hard. You can hire electric ones from the chemist I think.

When the bub gets a little older a bathseat would be good. once they can sit supported, say 4months, it is great for the bath as saves your aching muscles from having to hold them up all the time. very good investment that one.

That's all I can remember. Its been a while!

Splice said...

One thing I found very useful and used it for quite a few years was a baby monitor. When Nathan was sleeping I would have the monitor on and I could hear him.

With exercising be sure your heart rate dosn't go over 140BPM.
Also when you are pregnant you body releases a hormone called "relaxin", this softens your ligaments in preparation for birth, so be mindful of heavy lifting or fast twisting movements.


jodie said...

Hi Hils
The best thing we bought, and are still using is the capsule that goes onto the pram. It is a strider Deluxe and Logan just loves it. He goes to sleep and I don't have to wake him up when we arrive places. The pram also comes with a bassinet (which I have hardly used) and the normal stroller bit but will use that when he gets bigger. I just love the strider pram but as Andrea says it is personal.

Don't rush out to buy a breast pump you may not need it yet. I would suggest wait. I had to get one because my milk wasn't coming in, I bought an Avent and it was good, but also used the Medela in hospital and that was good too.

I have a baby bjorn and he loves it, admittedly have only used around the house at this point but know I will use it more.

Didn't buy nappy wrappers, just use the scented nappy bags and pop them in the bin and that is fine..

Good luck with it all, there is so much info out there and can be very confusing, just go with your gut instinct.

sarahz said...

Hi Hilary, I've had 2 babies in 2 years. I bought a mountain buggy pram for my first, it was expensive but it was the lightest 3 wheeler on the market and I wanted to be able to walk anywhere with baby. I loved it, however we couldn't use it when number 2 came along so we sold it and bought a phil and ted which is also one of the lightest 3 wheel pram and it comes with a baby seat which you can attach behind, so now I have a pram to fit both kids. I personally believe a light weight pram is the best as the amount of times you get it in and out the car is heaps.

I also recommend a baby bjorn or similiar something you can carry baby around on you as sometimes when you go shopping you don't want to take the pram.

I also put bubs in a bassinett during day sleeping and night sleeping until they were about 10 weeks when we put them in a cot.

Also I use Grobags for baby to sleep in as then I know they are warm without throwing blankets off at night. I also for my second bought a woombie off ebay, so instead of wrapping baby which he kept getting out of I was able to put him in this. Its basically a sleeping bag with no arms so they are snug and feel wrapped but can't get out. He started sleeping so much better with one of these.

Shelly Ann said...

wow Hil, congrats on your baby! What excellent advice you are getting here. Sorry for being MIA for so long. I wonder, you might not even remember me? Anyhow sounds like all is going well and congrats again- I personally wish I was having a baby too :) :)

Debbie said...

Hi Hillary, your friendly lurker here :) There's some great recommendations here. The only thing I would like to add is to google slings/carriers as some professionals recommend against certain carriers
as they can have a detrimental impact on a young baby's spine.

Janelle said...

I don't really know you Hillary but I enjoy reading fitness blogs and I have a 2 year old son so I can give you some insight too.
I have a Phil & Teds pram 3 wheeler and its the best thing ever. We still use it now becuase its light, skinny to go shopping and folds up very small - you can also buy a toddler seat and carry bag for baby.
- I started with a manual breast pump but as I had an infection and couldn't breastfeed my son, it only made my sore breasts worse so the hospital reccommended an electric one and it was the best thing ever!
We borrowed a baby born and once again it was amazing and calmed our son and good for getting housework done at the same time.
Didn't botehr with a nappy bucket and had no problems.

One word of advice that I took on board and I'm so glad I did - we put out baby to sleep straight in the cot in his room (no bassinet next to our bed!) and he was the best baby ever and has never had any problems sleeping.

Anonymous said...

Not so helpful with the baby stuff, but I've found that vodka and tim tams tend to fix most everything.

At very least, make sure you have some of both before you head off to do baby-stuff shopping!!!

Anonymous said...

bahah - how useless am I! pregnant people can't drink! Oops! Right, double dose of timtams then please... STAT!

Hilary said...

Thanks Andj for the great advice! I'm torn on the sling vs Baby Bjorn but I think a friend has a Baby Bjorn that I can use, so that might be a better option!

Thanks Frankie, I think I'll forgo the special bucket and just use the regular rubbish bags.

Deb I have been pricing baby monitors - I really like the ones that are sound and movement - I'll keep shopping around for the best deal! Thanks for the advice re heart rate, I've been keeping it under about 140bpm but its difficult not to get carried away!

Thanks so much Jodie, I like the look of those prams with capsules, like the idea of not waking bubs!!

Thanks Sarah, I've been looking at the Phil and Teds prams, only concern is that they dont have bub facing you... Thanks for the tip on the sleeping bags, I've been looking at them too!

Thank you Shelly, of course I remember you - I love your website! Thanks for stopping by!!

Thanks so much Debbie for that tip, I will definitely make sure the carrier is a recommended one!

Thank you Janelle for the advice, I'm thinking about sleeping bub in its own room too from the start - that might change though depending on how we go!

LOL Jude!! I would love a tim tam and some vodka, but I think the vodka will have to wait for a while!!

Hilary xx

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