Monday, January 04, 2010

Its a girl!

Our beautiful little tic tac has finally arrived, and its a girl!!

Skye Lily was born on Wednesday 30th December 2009, at 10.17am. She weighed 8lbs 2oz, 51cms long and had a head circumference of 34cms.

Thanks to everyone for so many beautiful facebook comments, texts and emails - its been overwhelming and quite an emotional ride!

We had a natural delivery (unfortunately with an episiotomy) and managed to avoid the epidural, had gas (didn't help) and pethidene. She was born posterior (came out face up!) and head at an odd angle - they were starting to think we'd have to have a caesar to get her out, but after 2 hours of pushing we got there in the end.

I will be blogging about the birth in detail, but not just yet as I'm still struggling to string sentences together properly! We are just over the moon and so excited to have our little girl, she is so precious to us and I just love her to pieces! (and here I was, worried I wouldn't feel maternal!) Hubby is the proudest dad you could imagine, you cannot wipe the smile off his face :-)

Here's a few photos of our little one...

In the birthing suite, getting measured (and not happy about it!)

First bath in hospital

Awww... sleeping
At home testing out the new bassinet
Will be back sometime soon with lots of gory birth details!
PS - belated Happy New Year to everyone too, we kinda missed it this year :-)


Shar said...


ISN'T THAT FEELING (unconditional love) THE BEST IN THE WORLD, it never fades and you know what the more you have the more you feel. Just undescribable.

You sound like you did a great job in labour and delivery, you should be proud of yourself.

Hard when your tired and overwhelmed by it all but try and enjoy these first weeks, they go soooooo quick.

Once again, CONGRATS and thanks for posting.
Shar x

LizN said...

Congratulations Hilary. I think you're amazing. Welcome to motherhood.

xoxoxLiz N

Magda said...

Congratulations to you and your husband Hilary. Skye is beautiful.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

So beautiful!
Happy news and just in time for the new year!
Congratulations! Enjoy every moment.

Nicole said...

So beautiful!! I can't wait to meet our little bubba :) Oh, and can't wait to hear all about the birth details - I'm such a sucker for any information!! LOL Nicole xx

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Hils, that is the best news this (last) year! woot woot a girl to spoil. Beautiful baby with a beautiful name.

Well done you two, couldn't have happened to a better couple. Enjoy and cherish!

linda said...

how delightfully lovely! Congrats- really glad all went well and she is truly beautiful!

Kerry W said...

Hilary...she's just beautiful! I told you that maternal instinct would kick in didn't I? So yes, there was no need to worry.

Wow, you're doing fantastically well...blogging already! And it seems you're in high spirits and have recovered well.

Anyway...exciting times ahead. You're just going to fall more and more in love with your new little bundle of life! Enjoy her...these are really special times. :)

Sandra said...

Congratulations, Hilary!
Enjoy these days, before you know it she'll hit her teens and mistake you for her personal chauffer ;)

KRISTIN said...

Congratulations Hils! Skye is absolutely gorgeous like her Mum! I wish nothing but the best for the 3 of you, I'm sure you will make a wonderful family and you'll be a fantastic Mum, big hugs XOXO

Valley Girl said...

A huge Congratulations Hilary & hubby, so blessed to have a healthy beautiful baby. She's devine!

rest up & just enjoy these 1st few weeks, life will be flat out from here on lol...

Takecare x

Chelle said...

Congratulations Hilary!!
She is just beautiful!!! Nothing can explain the love you feel for the little babes, is there!! Labour, well thats a whole other story!! But very rewarding knowing you can do it!!
Congrats again HIlary, you will be a wonderful mother!!



Robyn said...

Many blessing to you, Hils! What a beautiful new year's gift. And a shout out to Skye: Welcome to the world!

Rachel said...

Congrats Hillary, she is just precious!

Kristy said...

Congratulations to you both Hilary, she looks gorgeous and I cant wait for all the gory details :P

Take care

LobotoME said...