Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maternity Leave

Ok, so here I am, maternity leave. I finished work last Friday (big sigh of relief) and am now patiently waiting… waiting… for a baby to arrive.

4 weeks to go (am now 36 weeks along), and next week bub will technically be considered “full term”. Makes me laugh when people say to me “wow that’s gone quick!”… man, I feel like I’ve been pregnant FOREVER! I would just like tic tac to be out now, seriously, its been lovely to have another little being growing and kicking inside me, but I’d really like my body back now!!

Work gave me a baby gift card, so I happily went and spent that on Monday. Just a few small items to get now, and I’ll feel ready! I still haven’t packed any bags, so I must get to that this week – just in case. I’ve got lists galore, and have got so much stuff to get done in the next couple of weeks (get tax done, hospital appointments, massage appointment, get a few more baby/hospital supplies, pack hospital/baby bags, get baby capsule installed, organize bubs room, dentist check up etc) so I’m not exactly putting my feet up just yet (and with my feet swollen to resemble elephant-man, I really should be!)

One thing that is still up in the air is a car. Can you believe that we STILL don’t have a car for me yet? Because hubby is such a car (Ford) enthusiast, well, he’s been researching a car for me for the last 6 months. Its got to be a performance car (for him, when he’s on his own), and a safe & reliable car for me and bub. Hard to find something that ticks all the boxes. To me, a car is a car, but its so important to him! My company car stayed at work on Friday when I finished, so currently I’m driving around his hotted up XR8 ute (his pride and joy). It’s a manual though, and an absolute BITCH to get into reverse. I do enjoy driving it though, I feel a bit tough! Here's a pic - wouldn’t you feel like a hoon if you drove this?:
Anyway, we sorted something out yesterday, fingers crossed we’ll have a new car by the weekend (and bye-bye XR8!)

Today I'm going for a pregnancy massage, and I cant wait. I've certainly relaxed and loosened up a bit since I finished work on Friday, but my shoulders are still pretty tight. A bit of pampering will be nice though.

So nothing too thrilling to report here - catcha next time...


Kristy said...

Hilary it must be nice to have finished work, but so much to do...

Have a great massage it sounds lovely :)

Jadey said...

WOW! The past months have flown by so fast! I remember reading you told us you were preggers! I hope that it all goes smoothly for you and your beautiful bub is born safe into your world and it's a bundle of joy! Which it will be! Thinking of you lots! Can't wait to hear the news soon - BOY OR GIRL!!

Jadey xxx

Kelly and Kane said...

I like to see them try to install a capsule in that blue monster! You may have no car to bring tic-tac home ;)

linda said...

are your hubby and mine twins??? Cos that's exactly what he does with cars too! The fun is in all the research beforehand and that can take ages!!! Enjoy this golden time - after work and before baby- it's precious

Robyn said...

Hilary, you're on maternity leave! That's so being at the business end of the pregnancy. Glad to hear that you'll soon have something more wieldy to drive you and tic-tac around in.

Btw, I love the nicnames people give their unborn babies. A friend of mine called his unborn child rocket, and a colleague of mine, who's due in about four months, calls her's jelly bean! Very cute. ...the last one sort of makes me crave jelly beans, btw.

Anonymous said...

So when do we get to see a pic of the new vroom vroom? :o) xxx

Alicia said...

Yay....leave time! Though by the sounds of it you've still got plenty to do.

What is it with boys and their toys? Damien has a 'done up' Holden ute that he's only ever gonna be able to drive without me and bubs. I've got the sensible XR6 :)

Have you found a good list of things to take to hospital? I'm still searching and have no clue what to take :(


Hilary said...

Thanks Kristy, it was a lovely massage, and I'm going back for more this week! This is the life!

Thanks Jadey, we cant wait either, boy or girl, we dont mind!

LOL Kelly, we've often joked about strapping bub onto the back of the ute! Not happening of course!

Ah Linda I hope your hubby isn't as bad as mine when it comes to cars - talk about boys and their toys! All the research drives you mental doesn't it?

Thanks Robyn, it does seem to be a common thing to nickname the bump, I suppose its a bit hard to call it "IT" all the time, especially if you dont know the gender. We've certainly outgrown the name "tic tac" now!

Lia we still haven't got the new car yet, fingers crossed it will be this week - will post a pic as soon as I can!

Hi Alicia, I dont know what it is with boys and their utes, unfortunately we have to get rid of ours to trade in on the new car, much to hubbys disgust! As far as hospital bag goes, I'm using a few different lists that I've found in magazines and books, and just picking what I think is necessary (I'm leaving out things like candles and CD's etc - its just not me)- good luck with your packing!

Hilary xx

Simon Owens said...

Hey Hilary, I'm not sure if you've seen this, but Wiser Pregnancy just released a scientific survey that found that 60% of pregnant women take additional time off on top of their normal maternity leave and about 40% reduce the number of hours they work when they return.