Monday, November 30, 2009


Photo at 36 weeks pregnant.

No car news yet, we hopefully pick it up tomorrow (Tuesday)

Anyway, cravings. I haven't really experienced many. I've had the odd occasion where I felt like having something in particular, but it wasn't a desperate urge or anything.

To date, they have been:

1. In the first trimester - fruit. I'm not a big fruit lover at the best of times, but I wanted and ate a fair bit of fruit in the first 12 weeks. I'm over it now though!

2. In the 2nd trimester, on one occasion I suddenly thought I could "smell" pickles. You know, like the ones on a Cheeseburger. Then I thought about pickles all day. Told hubby about it, and he went and got me McDonalds that night, LOL!

3. Last week, I really felt like one of those icy poles that comes in plastic tubes. Like the ones you give to kids, from the supermarket. So I bought a packet, and have been having one now and then - hits the spot right now because its so hot and humid lately! I guess its like wanting to eat ice...

4. Today - All I could think about was having a HUGE cold salad for lunch. No protein, just lots of crisp iceberg lettuce, onion, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, capsicum, cucumber and avocado. So I've just finished it - yum! I dont really understand this one, because I have salad probably 4 nights a week with dinner (the other nights are steamed veg), so its nothing special, but for some reason I REALLY wanted salad for lunch!

Now that I've got some time up my sleeve, I've been experimenting with some baking. Last week I made bread rolls for the first time, and yesterday I made some Almond and Strawberry Friands (ooooh yum!). I only ate a couple, and the rest go to hubby for his lunches (he's lovin it!). Think I might also try making some Calzones, or Foccacia bread, for his lunches. I'm not a natural "baker" (I'm hopeless with measuring and weighing ingredients) and I cant seem to stick to a recipe (I've got a bad habit of throwing extra stuff in for some reason, for experimentation - which is great when cooking, but not so good when baking). But for some reason, I feel like baking. Maybe its the nesting instinct??

3 weeks to go (unless tictac is late of course)!


Andrea said...

Your cravings sound very similar to mine. I craved Juice and lots of it in the first trimester - and I'm not much of a juice drinker. Then nothing really until the third where like you it was really hot and I couldn't get enough ice. I was getting those frozen cokes from Maccas daily and eating lots of those stick icy poles. Funny thing is Harris seemed to know exactly what those icy poles were before he had ever even tired one - he loves them!

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey hils, your bellly has popped right out there now! Not long now..............

Kerry W said...

Looking great Hilary! Sounds like you're taking it all in your stride and just enjoying the experience. Not long now...tic tac will be here! :)

Alicia said...

Nice bump! I've only craved chicken schnitzel and cheese sangers (first trimester) and lately its been pineapple juice....that's all I've wanted to drink! xoxo

Pip said...

Looking great Hils!

Oh so exciting and not long now!!! The cravings thing is interesting! All the best!

Pip :-)

Hilary said...

Hey Andj, its funny the ice thing isn't it? It seems to be a common theme in late pregnancy! Hadn't thought about frozen cokes though - yum!

I know Doris, I feel like a whale! Counting down...

I am enjoying it Kerry, but definitely ready for it to be out now, these last few weeks aren't easy!

Alicia I had the pineapple juice thing too - my favourite drink at the moment is a little bit of pineapple juice with lemonade - mmmm yum!

Thanks Pip!

Hilary xx