Wednesday, September 30, 2009

All moved in

OMG what a week!

We are now moved in to our new place, and I just have to say - I am NEVER moving again! Aaarrrggghh!!! What a pain in the butt!

We thought we were doing great on Friday morning, (remember, we hired trucks and moved ourselves) - and by 11am we had one truck loaded with all the outside stuff. Hubby is a carpenter/builder, so he has a large amount of building materials that needed to me moved (and they say that I'M the hoarder!!). Then it was on to the inside stuff - which quickly filled the second truck WAY before the house was empty.

Why on earth do TWO people need to live in a four bedroom house, with enough furniture and crap for 6 people??

Anyway, then the boys had to take the loaded trucks down to the new place (15 mins away) and unload them in the new yard, then bring the empty trucks back for more loading. Ugh. There was no way in hell we were going to be out of there by settlement time (3pm) - so I had to ring the real estate and apologise. We didn't get out of there until almost 6pm!!

So that meant that we didn't get to the new place until after dark - unloading in the dark has got to be a movers worst nightmare. Thank goodness for friends and family for all their help, and if we EVER move again - can we please get removalists in????

Everybody did too much - everybody was wrecked by Saturday. Even hubby admitted he underestimated the job and was wrecked (and thats a big thing for him to admit!). I was a mess. I found the day to be extremely frustrating. Everyone kept saying "dont you lift that" or "put that down - you're meant to be taking it easy" - but seriously, you cant sit down and relax while everyone else is working their arse off. So I worked all day and ended up with swollen ankles, a WICKED varicose vein in my left leg and lower back pain that wont go away.

Its so frustrating when you know what you are normally capable of, but because of pregnancy you just cant do it anymore. I felt quite weak and useless, and I'm not used to feeling like that.

Nevermind, we're in now... I've got this week off work, so I've been slowly unpacking and doing what I can. I got hit with heartburn/indigestion from hell on Monday - which turned into a mild version of those stomach pains I used to get a few years ago. I was up all night doubled over, my whole digestion felt like it was on fire. Thats what you get when you eat crap for a few days, or get so busy that you forget to eat and then overeat as a consequence. Lesson learned. Heartburn is still there (one of those lovely side effects of pregnancy) but I'm feeling better. The stress of everything hasn't helped, I feel very overwhelmed by it all at the moment.

Elke has become an indoor dog, which we love. She is following me around like a lost sheep, I cant move from one room to the next without her following me everywhere. She is loving the acreage, but is still a little apprehensive about it. Its not fully fenced yet, so she gets to explore it under supervision at the moment, and gets locked inside an enclosed patio area to sleep, or when we go out. She is such a good indoor dog, but I wonder how long it will last - once she's used to this place she'll probably want to be outside again!

Ooh yeah - I'm going for a pregnancy massage today - cant wait! I'm also going to get an iphone tomorrow, because pretty soon I'm going to have to give back my work mobile (and laptop - boohoo!) so I thought I'd treat myself to a new toy :) Only 8 weeks of work left - yahoo! 12 weeks til we meet tic tac, eeek!


Frankie said...

oh noooos. It's bringing back memories. Last time I moved they filled the truck and yep...half a house left. Had to call on all my rels come to the rescue with a big trailer. More organised this time and have hired a truck for the whole day. Glad you're getting a nice massage!

LizN said...

Moving is no fun Hils, but I'm glad most of it is over now for you.


jodie said...

Swollen feet and heartburn, argghh another memory from pregnancy. Glad to hear you are moved in, but take it easy and listen to your body, so important.
Tip for heartburn: I chewed on the chewey lolly type quick-ezes and that helped me lots. I hated taking milanta.
take care Hils

jodie said...

PS have you had any dreams of what you think you are having?? I did, and each time I dreamt it was a boy.

Kristy said...

I'm dreading my move too Hilary, although I only have 2 bedroom of stuff. I am considering removalists as I hate asking people to help me... We will see what happens...

I'd love to see photos of your new place :)

Hilary said...

Thanks Frankie, the massage was awesome! Moving is such a pain in the butt isnt it?

Thanks Liz, I'm glad most of it is over now too!

Thanks for the tip Jodie, I have discovered these tablets called Tums, which are meant to be good when pregnant. The trouble with most of the antacids out there is that they contain artificial sweeteners, which I'm also allergic to... Have only had one dream about the bub, but it didn't include the gender unfortunately!

Kristy I will definitely post some pics of the new place once I'm back online at home. Getting removalists is more expensive, but I think it takes a lot of the stress out of it too, I know which way I want to go for next time (if there IS a next time LOL!)

Hilary xx

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on the house move Hilary! Here's to a wonderful start for your new family :)

Have fun nesting and getting everything ready for the little bub.

Rebecca xox