Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Its starting to feel like home :)

For me, the sun is starting to come out again. When I think back over the last few months - its been HUGE. All the stuff that’s been going on - getting married, putting the house on the market, having open houses, buying a house, organising finance, having to put our much-loved dog down and grieving over him, packing and moving house, unpacking, buiding a fence at the new place, starting a new temporary managers role at work, AND being pregnant - well, its no wonder I had been feeling so overwhelmed and "flat" for the last few months.

But I'm starting to feel good again. There is less stuff to stress over, and more stuff to look forward to now. Starting to look ahead to the next few months as we finally get to buy a few things for the baby's room. We'd been holding off on any big purchases because there didn't seem much point doing it before we moved. So now we can get a stroller, cot, change table etc - oh and we also have to get a car for me, because pretty soon I have to give the company car back :( bugger!

We have started talking about getting another dog too - its been a month now since we lost Shavez, and it feels like it might be ok to get another one soon. It also might help us heal emotionally. Elke has become even more precious to me lately. She is such a gorgeous little girl, and is such a good indoor dog. Even Connor the cat is tolerating her being inside so much now. She has become my shadow, sitting at our feet when we're on the lounge, or comes up at random to give us hugs and kisses. I don’t know if she can sense my pregnancy, but she's certainly been a great companion lately. Isn't she a cutie?

There are a few things we need to get for the new house, but one of the things on the list was to finally get with the 21st century and get a big screen plamsa TV. We went out window shopping on Sunday - and yep, you guessed it - we came home with a new telly! It’s 50 inch - its MASSIVE! We are not really big TV watchers, but hubby wanted to watch Bathurst this weekend on a big screen - spoilt!

We have such a busy month ahead of us - including weddings on the next two weekends. Hubby is in the bridal party for one of them too. Normally I would buy a new dress for a wedding, but I decided to try on a few of my current dresses this time - and I found two that still fit, despite the big preggo belly! Not keen on buying something new that I wont get to wear again, so they will have to do. Feeling like a whale at the moment, so I don’t think much is going to make me look good somehow! Will get some photos taken if I remember.
Did a lower body training session at the gym on Monday, and took Elke for a walk this morning to expore some of the new suburb. Tomorrow I'm going to gym for an upper body session, and Thursday I'm planning a sleep in! Although sleep is getting to be a bit of a luxury at the moment, the other night I actually feel like I pulled a muscle in my stomach just from rolling over!
It really is amazing what the human body can do - I have a little being inside me right now that is about 27cms long from head to bum - now THAT is amazing! I also keep looking down at my growing belly with a degree of fright - this thing keeps getting bigger, and its got to come out down there! 11 weeks to go!


Andrea said...

Hi Hilary,

So good to hear that you are starting to settlein. What is it about boys, big screen TV's and BAthurst?
Babies are amazing aren't they? I really didn't appreciate it last time and now I am looking forward to next time so I can appreciate it.
Are you thininkg about buying a car seat for the bubs or hiring one? If I had the time again I would be buying or hiring a capsule - so much easier that a convertable car seat.

Kristy said...

Hilary, it's really good to hear you are starting to feel good and less stressed.

The human body is amazing, I am always amazed by what the body can do.

Have a great week Hilary


Alicia said...

Glad to hear the move went well! Its amazing how many things we seem to fit in when we're pregnant. At least now you can sit back and enjoy it :)

Haha yeah what is it with boys and big screen tvs? We've got a 52 inch LCD and hubbie now thinks its too small!


Chelle said...

Hi Hilary,
So exciting only 11 weeks to go!!
You will look beautiful for the weddings i am sure of it!!!
I remember how you feel though all too well, it is a feeling that is very hard to describe unless you have experienced it!!
I agree about the capsule, we hired one from the ambulance and they are so easy for new borns!!! Chloe used to sleep in hers all the time!!
Anyway enough from me, have you had a chance to look at my photos yet?


Hilary said...

Hi Andj, I dont know what it is either, but boys just love bathurst dont they? Especially on a big tv... hubby isn't real impressed about the result though - disaster for Ford! Re the baby seat, I think I'm going to go with hiring a capsule too, sounds much more practical.

Thanks Kristy, I know its just incredible what the body can do, I'm so amazed at being able to grow a new life inside me!

LOL Alicia, 52 inch TV too small?? I can kinda understand it too though, its amazing how quickly you get used to the big screen!

Thanks Chelle, yes I did have a look at your photos and you are looking fabulous! Congratulations!

Hilary xx

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