Friday, October 30, 2009

Pregnancy observations

Having never been pregnant before, I've experienced a few things that have quite surprised me. Such as:

A pregnant belly feels HARD. Like a fully inflated basket ball. I thought it would be soft and squishy!

My hair is growing at all sorts of different rates. The hair on my head is growing fairly steadily, underarm hair is growing super fast though and requires almost daily shaving! But the hair on my legs has barely grown at all in the last few months, and most strange of all - my eyebrows - I last waxed them just before my wedding in June, and since then I think I've had to pluck a random hair about twice (yes that’s in total, in 4 months!)

My fingernails are growing like the clappers, I'm having to fill my acrylic in every 3 weeks, where I used to stretch it to 4 weeks.

Leg cramps in the night are most unpleasant, especially thigh and hamstring cramps - ouch. I never even knew it was possible to get a thigh cramp.

The little bugger has started punching and squishing and bashing into my bladder, to the point where a couple of times I've had to cross my legs, squeeeeeze those pelvic floor muscles… and hope for the best!

Random strangers often talk to me. It seems that many people love a pregnant woman, especially if its your first. People look at me and smile. I've struck up conversations with random sales clerks, big burly butchers, staff at Queensland Transport, bank officers etc - whereas before they would barely even look up.

I'm forgetful. Really, really forgetful. Hubby finds it particularly annoying! I never had a great memory beforehand, but its even worse now.

I drop things. A lot. The harder I try NOT to drop things, the more I drop them.

Putting on lace-up shoes (like gym shoes) is proving to be more difficult as time goes by. Same goes for putting on socks, painting toe nails, and picking up the stuff that I dropped.

Everything is done with a grunt. Bend over to pick something up - grunt. Get out of bed or out of a chair - grunt. Walk up the stairs at work - grunt and rest at the top.

Your feet get bigger. No kidding, its supposedly because the bones and muscles relax. Some say that they never go back to the original size. So what do I do with all my beautiful size 8 shoes????

Still, I think I've been pretty lucky so far. No stretch marks yet. And with 8 weeks to go, I've gained just on 10kgs. First time in the 70's! Fingers crossed my target of putting on no more than 15kgs is achievable. Blood pressure is still normal, glucose test results were fine. I've also not experienced any cravings, or had any symptoms of nesting yet. (Can you believe we still haven't got any furniture for tic tac's room yet!! Maybe this weekend) My major complaint at the moment is that I'm just extremely TIRED.

Last Friday we went for our 3D/4D ultrasound, and got some amazing photos of little tic tac. We ended up with about 130 images, plus a DVD of the whole thing. I will leave you with a couple of the best photos.

Have an awesome weekend!


linda said...

wow! what amazing pics! Glad you are doing well and experiencing all those normal pregnancy things. The memory thing is maternal amnesia- I used to start a conversation and then forget what I was saying half way through!!

Frankie said...

Hey Hilary. With both pregnancies I kept making the mistake that whenever I would try to 'squeeze' past something I would turn side on...but after a certain point you end up being bigger side on than front on LMAO!! I used knock things over ALL the time LOL.

Shar said...

What awesome pics Hilary, I am soooo tempted to go for another 3D/4D now bubs is fuller and will look a bit plumper.

I totally agree with all your points, some haven't hit in on this pregnancy yet, but can clearly remember from the other 2!!

10kg is fantastic, sounds like your sitting right on the recommended. Funny, I set 15kg as my max gain, all the guidelines are similar and around that figure I think so perhaps where we got it from.

Not long to go, hang in there.
Shar x

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those pictures are simply amazing Hilary! I never had a 3D scan, but they are definately amazing.

You will probably find all of those crazy side effects of pregnancy will get worse in the next 8 weeks so take it easy :)

In regards to stretch marks I never got any, and although it could have been luck I think a couple of things that I did religiously might have helped, and hey, what have you got to lose?

Everyday I:
Took a skin supplement.
Rubbed oil into my belly morning and night.
Wore a belly bra to help my skin support the weight of the baby (even at night, it really helped me be able to roll over without so much discomfort).
Drank heaps of water.

Give these a go. A couple of my friends did these things as well and they also didn't get stretch marks so maybe there is something in it?

Enjoy this special time, I really miss my big belly, I was quite attached to it in the end ;)

Splice said...

I am so blown away by the pictures of your bub. I wish they had the technology when I was pregnant.

You post made me giggle, I remember the forgetfulness and I lapped up the extra attention I got LOL.

Deb xxx

Chelle said...

Hi Hilary,
I remember all the things you have said like yesterday!! LOL
HIlary I am coming to Brisbane tommorrow until Wednesday morning and i was wondering if we could catch up?
I have sent you an e mail with my mobile number etc if you can meet up or something!!
I would really love to meet you!!


KRISTIN said...

Wow! Those pics are amazing Hils.

Thanks for sharing all your ups and downs Hils, it's something I have no idea about and I see that some things may be frustrating, but you are one amazing woman and I'm sure you know it's just all part of the process. yay for being 10kgs heavier in a good way! lol!

Thinking of you and hope it continues to be a wonderful experience xoxo

Alicia said...

Hahahaha I'm nodding my head reading every word hun :) I found the easiest way to paint my toenails was almost get into a lunge-like stance on the ground. Looks silly, but it works!

Love the scan pics!


Dianna Broeren said...

I am one of those random strangers that smile at pregnant women - LOL! Your journey sounds incredible. No doubt you will be a wonderful Mummy.

Hilary said...

Thanks Linda, the memory thing is a real pain, I was a bit like that before pregnancy, but I am shocking now!

LOL Frankie! Its funny now, I often forget that I'm pregnant and try to squeeze through a gap that I would have previously fit through, only to get stuck halfway!

Hi Shar, 15kgs seems to have been a good target, fingers crossed we both make it!

Thanks for the tips Rene, and you are right, it doesn't hurt to try these things - fingers crossed for no stretchmarks!

Thanks Deb, they are amazing photos aren't they? It will be interesting to compare them to when tic tac is born.

Hi Chelle, sent you an email!

Thanks Kristin, yeah I'm getting to the point where I'm finding it frustrating, but trying to remember the good stuff too. Its certainly an amazing time.

Thanks for the tip Alicia, I'm definitely gonna give that a go!

Thanks Di, I hope so!

Hilary xx