Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Photos! and other stuff...

Thought I'd update with a few photos this week.

Here's a pic of the new house - this is the side of the house. You can see the temporary fence that we built a few weeks ago to keep Miss Elke in. To the right of the tree in the middle is our fully screened patio area. The house is pretty much smack bang in the middle of the 1.5 acres, so the neighbours aren't too close :-)

More of the backyard - this is the area that we fenced off . If you look closely, on the right hand edge of this photo you can see the corner of the screened-in patio.

This was a classic - Connor discovering the local wildlife! This bird was absolutely obsessed with its reflection in the glass - it sat there for about half an hour gazing lovingly at its own image, totally unaware that there was a cat on the other side going bananas and wanting to catch it, and very frustrated that he couldn't!!

In the end Connor was the one who gave up in disgust.

Elke - I had just put some Advantix on her, and she was not happy with me. She refused to make eye contact with me for the photo!

Baby bump last week (at 29 weeks)

We went to a wedding on Saturday and I wore heels. Flat shoes with dresses just dont look right on me... I had to stand a fair bit though, and ended up with swollen ankles again, and back pain for a few days. The things we do for style! Although I feel that at this point in time, nothing is going to make me look good LOL. This weekend is another wedding, and I'm trying to decide if I can get away with flat shoes... maybe I'll have to wear pants, but I'd rather not! Maybe I'll just try to sit down as much as possible instead, and wear the heels? Or am I just being silly?

I'm getting to the point in this pregnancy where I'm starting to complain a bit! Oooh my back hurts, leg cramps in the middle of the night, I cant bend over and do up my shoes, or paint my toe nails because there's this big belly in the way, heartburn, I'm so tired all the time!... etc etc. I catch myself and think "you of all people should not be complaining, after the dramas it took to actually GET pregnant" So I'm trying to suck it up and just get on with it.
I have caught myself waddling a few times in the last week or two - and I have instantly corrected my gait LOL - ahhhh its SO glamourous!
Todays excitement came when I felt the heel of a FOOT pushing out of my belly. Its the first time I've actually been able to almost name a body part. Cute.
I went to a morning tea on Sunday, and one of the girls there had a 9 week old baby. Everyone was doing the "Pass the baby" thing, and I felt horrible that I STILL didn't have the slightest urge to cuddle a baby. The sum total of my baby holding experience in my entire life would probably add up to less than one our - that is including ALL babies that I've ever held. I thought I might be different once I was pregnant, but, um, I'm not. I've also never changed a nappy before. This baby is going to come out and I'm not going to have the slightest clue what to do with it.
I hope its different when its your own?
I'm also wondering when this supposed "nesting" instinct is going to kick in, cos so far it hasn't surfaced....
10 weeks to go - eeek!


Shar said...

Hils, your bump looks gorgeous!!

it will be different with your own bubba!! You wont want to put it (sorry, hate calling it it)down and will just be staring.
Dont worry about the nappy thing, when you realise it will help stop them crying you will do any amount of nappies!! :)

The house and land looks fab, very peaceful!
Shar x

Raechelle said...

Congrads on the new place! Very cool!

Kristy said...

Love the photos Hilary, the house and land looks lovely and relaxing :)

Alicia said...

When you're holding your own bub, it will be completely different. Its normal to feel a bit 'numb' towards other babies, especially if you have no real connection to them.

I know what you mean about the complaining....I rarely tell Damien what I feel coz I dont want to sound like a whinge! But hey, our bodies are working overtime to create a new life, so I think we should be allowed to complain all we want.

As for the nesting thing, you DONT want it! I've had it lately and nothing seems to escape my nesting wrath. Last weekend I cleaned out the whole pantry and reorganised it. Crazy or what?!

Dianna Broeren said...

I love the sight of baby bumps! I always find myself smiling at pregnant women....I'm sure they think I am a weirdo!! I swear if I ever have one I'm going to hang it out for all to see - LOL!!

Andrea said...

Hey Hilary,

I was like you - had hardly held a baby before my own. It is very different with your own - you will never want to put it down. They are just so lovely.


jodie said...

You sound like me, I was SOOO not a baby person before Logan. It is different with your own. Nothing can describe the love you have for them. And don't worry about the nappies, I had not changed one before Logan either, you soon learn and get plenty of practice... Like hundreds of practice!!
You will be a wonderful mum!
PS great house, love the pics esp of Connor and the bird!

Kerry W said...

Hey Hilary

Don't worry, when it's your own it's always different. I was never a 'baby' person before, and even now, I don't clucky with other people's babies. After having Philomena, I was awkward at first, but you'll get into the swing of it in no time. Being a mother will come naturally for you. You'll be surprised at how strong the instinct in you will become. You'll do great!

ali said...

My goodness Hils!! so much has happened since I have blogged CONGRATS, for both your marraige and the bub!! So sorry to hear about your dog though :(

Love Ali xxx

linda said...

It took me about 3 weeks when it hit me- I would do ANYTHING for this little baby of mine. I just wanted to protect him and eat him up with love . That feeling hasn't changed even 31 years later! Love the baby bump- such a special time. all the best.

Janelle said...

I agree, I don't think I'm very maternal (even now) but as soon as I had my little boy, it is SOOO different - YOU are the one responsible for this tiny being in your arms and you don't realise that until you hold them. Ahhh, the memories...its all about terrible 2's now!