Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Stuff

Our houses (selling and buying) are scheduled to settle simultaneously on Friday… so we are madly packing, cleaning and throwing-away. I don’t think I've been exerting myself too much, although my back begs to differ at the end of the day and just aches and aches. I'm so front heavy now, that even just sitting for an extended period makes my back hurt. I packed up some of the kitchen on the weekend for about an hour, and then had to sit down for an hour to rest - just so tired!

I'm excited about moving, but also a bit sad because Shavez's presence is still so real here. At the new house, although it will be easier for us to look to the future, our memories of him wont be there at that house. Elke seems to be coping ok - she doesn't want to be inside anymore, I bring her in every night for dinner, and afterwards she stands at the door and waits patiently to be let outside again.

I have started in an Acting Branch Manager role at my work - Its sort of a "caretaker" position until I go on maternity leave in about 10 weeks, so its all good experience for me, and was nice to be asked! But it has been quite challenging, trying to learn new stuff whilst suffering from baby brain! As of this Thursday, I have a week and a half off to move house, and then unpack at leisure. Although, I have so many appointments organised for next week that I'm still going to be super busy.

Tic tac is going fine, lots of kicking - usually in the bladder, usually once I've laid down to go to bed, or at 3.30am. I think tic tac takes after its dad and is going to be a Muay Thai kickboxer! I have to go for my gestational diabetes blood tests next Tuesday - fingers crossed! The latest thing we have discovered is that you can now actually SEE my belly move when it kicks - its like I've got this alien being inside me wriggling about - kinda freaky being able to actually watch the skin move. Hubby reckons we're not far off from being able to try the Malteasers thing (like on the TV ad).

Training in the last few weeks has been a bit dismal since we lost Shavez - making it to the gym about one day a week, and taking Elke for 3-4 walks a week. I guess I'm still fairly active though, especially with all the packing going on. I still have a little bit of muscle definition left in my arms. Have gained 7kgs to date, which hopefully at 27 weeks pregnant isn't too bad. Although everyone keeps telling me that the last trimester is when you stack it on, especially fluid! I'm also told that my belly will probably double in size - I don’t know how the skin could possibly stretch any further though!

I went along to the QLD INBA's on Sunday to cheer on Kristin in her first figure comp. Kristin looked so graceful on stage, and so confident too! It was lovely to be there as part of her cheersquad, you were awesome and did yourself proud Kristin! I also met one of our IBO clients Geraldine, and briefly met Tiarna and said hi to Shannon.

Anyway, thats whats happening in my world. Feeling a bit flat and overwhelmed with everything at the moment.


Frankie said...

You've got a lot on your plate. Don't be too hard on yourself about the gym.

I'll be thinking of you with my packing LOL! SUCKS. But then I love all the unpacking.

You should be in full nesting mode. I'm sure you'll love setting up in your new place!

Alicia said...

I'm definitely not envying you with the moving. I've got a major nesting bug happening at the moment tho - nothing is safe from the spray and wipe! 7kg gain is fine. I'd gained 7.5kg at 20 weeks and my GP was happy with that (I think I gained a little extra early on as I was dieting before falling pregnant and rebounded a bit).

Enjoy the new place!

Sandra said...

OMG Hilary!
7kg? that's great! I gained a total of 23kg with my first two girls (each pregnancy)...I have the stretch marks to show for it...
You're doing fine, hunny, just give yourself time.
It's so sad about Elke, she's probably waiting for Shavez to come back...she'll probably cope better in a new environment.
Good luck with all the packing.

Chelle said...

Hi Hilary,
yeah 7 kgs that is amazing, i had put on at least 10 by then!!! Do not be too hard on yourself you are doing way more then i ever did while i was pregnant and you have been through a lot lateley!! XXoo

jodie said...

Hi Hils
Your post brings back so many memories about pregnancy, things I had forgotten, like fluid, bladder being kicked etc. Geez I don't miss it. It is much better when the baby is out. My hat is off to you - moving while pregnant!! No way could I have done that, I think I would have had a nervous breakdown. I hope the new place is wonderful and that you fill it with special memories when Tic Tac arrives. Take it easy and rest when you can, especially as you head into the 3rd Trimester, ewww I hate to tell you but it gets worse! :) But it is worth it in the end!! So worth it :)