Sunday, July 02, 2006

Time for a whinge...

Bit of a whinge coming up - you have been warned!!!

I could have an answer to my stomach problems... Ileocecal Valve Syndrome. I told my chiropractor about my stomach problems, and he said "I might know what that could be!". Anyway, essentially its a valve between the two intestines that can get stuck either open or closed. This problem is often referred to as "The Great Mimicker", as the symptoms it produces are often confused for a whole range of other problems (such as what they've been looking for in me) Things that can trigger it are certain foods - and get this... the foods that can trigger it are: whole grains, celery, capsicum, cucumber, carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, cinnamon, caffeine... pretty much stuff that I eat every day!!

He said that you can "massage" the valve closed/open, and when it fixes itself you'll hear a great big gurgle. Well I was telling BF about it on Thursday night and I was pushing in around the area, and guess what - big BIG gurgle! BF looked at me and went "a gurgle like THAT you mean?" - lol! It was amazing!

Anyway, armed with this "potential" knowledge I went off to the doctor on Friday - and came away feeling like crap. I cant believe how some doctors treat their patients, and I had a bad one on Friday. All my test results came back with nothing... everything is normal. The doctor was rude and arrogant to start with - he made me feel like I had no right to ask questions about my test results, but when I started to ask him about what the chiropractor said, and he basically treated me like I was an idiot. He rolled his eyes at me, said that a chiropracter is NOT a doctor, so why should he listen to anything that a stupid chiropracter had to say. He would not even acknowledge the Ileocecal valve. He kept cutting me off and shooting me down, to the point where I left the doctors this morning in tears because the doc was an ASSHOLE and made me feel like crap!! (not to mention that its upsetting enough when you dont know whats wrong with you - I was feeling a bit down before I even got there)

To top it all off - he told me that I now need to go have another test, an ERCP (Endoscopy)- which the previous doctor had told me was quite invasive and probably not necessary for me. I have never experienced a wanker doctor before, any doctor I have been to before has always been a decent human being. Maybe I've just been lucky in the past.

Anyway, after I walked out of the medical centre I got in my car and burst into tears, rang my BF who calmed me down and convinced me to write up a letter of complaint... which I have done (havent posted it yet though).

Aaaaaanyway... apart from that the last few days have been non-eventful. I've been a bit naughty this weekend because I've been busy doing stuff around the house, I kinda forget to eat, and then when I do eat I eat a whole lot more than normal because I'm so hungry!! But at least stuff is getting done to the house - did lots of painting and scrubbing of floors this weekend.

Well I'm off to catch up with everyones blogs now - enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


little rene said...

God Hilary what a crappy experience! I am so glad to hear that you have written a letter of complaint, Doctors have a Duty of Care to be half decent human beings at least and this one sounds like he is very lacking in the "human" dept.I am sorry that you are going through this stressful time but hopefully soon you will find out what the problem is. I am thinking of you, take care,
Rene xxx

Jehanne said...

Oh far out, you poor thing, make sure you do send that letter. I hope that you can just massage that little valve ;) and fix your prob, the chiro sounds like he was lovely! Hope this week is much better for you! xo

Selina said...

Wow, that gurgle thing is really funny! I hope that is the answer to your problems, there's nothing worse than guessing.
What a horrible doctor! Make sure you DO send that letter off, he needs to be put in his place.
HOpe your week is a lot better :)

Tracey said...

Don't worry Hilary, doctors can be ass's, I think sometimes they just cant be bothered to hear what you have to say & are just there for the money, not to actually help anyone. I just hate it when you go back time & time again for them to say, they still don't know what it is. We have just gone throgh this & are still going through this with my husband. Really, really frustrating when you think of all the money that has been spent for them to still say the same thing over & over. Make sure that you do send that letter off, as I don't think that centres get enough of them because people think that it is not worth the bother, but if you don't then they think that everything is going ok. Hope that everything will get better for you soon.

xx Tracey

Andj said...

Hi Hilary - No Doctor has the right to treat you like that!!!
You should go and seek a second opinion - taking along all of your relevant results. The medical centre has to give you a copy of then - it is your right as a patient. Do some research on iliocecal valve syndrome on the net and go to this second doctor armed with ammunition that you can use if you need to.
Endoscopy's are invasive and you need to go under a general anaethetic - it is a day proceedure. The second doctor may also suggest that you have an endoscopy but at least they might be more likely to question iliocecal valve syndrome. There are some really good doctors at indropilly that specialise in seeing women. Let me know if you want to know more.

Chontelle said...

Hi Hilary... your experience sounds awful!!! As if it is not bad enough not knowing what is wrong with you!
What are your symptoms? I think I must have missed that post (if there was one).
My friend has had tummy problems for a few months now and has had all sorts of tests and no answers yet, and she just wants to know what is wrong so she can deal with it. She has lost 7kg, which she is semi-happy about, but not when it is a result of feeling crap, and not being able to eat hardly anything.
I too, have had real trouble with neusea lately, but I think it is my own fault from having too many "naughties" in the mix.
Hope you figure it out... and DEFINITELY send the letter!

Lots of love,
Chontelle xxx

Hilds said...

Hi Hilary, thanks for the message, it has motivated me into blogging again as I had become a bit slack. Anyway your Dr sounds like an idiot and don't worry there is lots out there like him. Good on you for writting your letter, they shouldn't be able to make patients feel so bad about enquiring about their own health. I sometimes wonder why they decided to be doctors as some of them don't seem to like dealing with people. Anyway keep trying to get an answer to your problem, you just might need to see a few different Dr until you get one you like.
Cheers Hilds

Anonymous said...

Hey Hilary ... what an awful experience for you to be going through ... you are probably concerned enough as it is and to have that experience on top of it is just not acceptable. I know you live in Brissie ... and I dont know if this is of any use to you or not ... but I found a brilliant doctors surgery at Indooroopilly ... they are called Healthy Women and I have found them to be really brilliant and understanding. I went there myself from a lot of recommendations to them. I see a Dr Fiona Haines in there and I have found her to be really down to earth and thorough. Take care and hope you can get this sorted really soon.


CJ said...

Some doctors just have no people skills at all and unfortunately it sounds like you encountered one of those.

Take care.

Kelly said...

Hi Hilary,
Your experience sounds awful. My boyfriend Kane has had lots of tummy troubles in the past, he also found that after having all the tests you've talked about and seeing 3 gastrointerologists (spelling???) they still could not find out what the problem was. He found naturopaths quite knowledgeable about food intolerances and allergies. Now he steers clear of certain foods he knows will cause him discomfort, but he still does not have a diagnosis. I hope you feel better.
Kelly :)

Hilary said...

Thanks Rene, yeah I dont think that doc had a human bone in his body! Not really what you need when you're feeling unwell to start with.

Hi Jeh, now that I know where that little valve is, I'm poking and prodding it all the time! My chiro is great - I would normally go to him for anything rather than go to a GP. Most doctors just seem to want to write a prescription rather than find out the cause.

Selina I'm planning on having a much better week - no doctors tests this week! Hope you have a great one too.

Tracey its very frustrating isn't it when they cant tell you whats wrong! Hope you get to the bottom of your husbands problems soon too.

Andj I might just do that - get my results and go get a second opinion. I do normally go to female doctors but they are getting to be a bit of a scarcity, when you do find a good one they dont seem to work after hours or be able to get appointments when you need to!

Hi Chontelle, thanks for the support. I get stomach cramps and nausea, followed by days of lower abdominal pain and tenderness. Yeah its frustrating not knowing what is wrong - hope your friend gets some answers soon, losing 7kgs from sickness isn't a good way to do it!!

Hi Hilds! Good to see you back in blogland! I've always heard about idiot doctors, but this was my first experience with one of them... its put me off going again, thats for sure!

Mandy thanks so much for the info on the docs at Indooroopilly... might be the same ones that Andj was talking about. Would love to check it out but I'm afraid that its a bit too far away from work (I work out in the stix). Not to worry, there are some good local female doctors near me, its just difficult to get an appointment!

Cathy - maybe they should teach people skills at medical school??!!!

Thanks Kelly - I think I much prefer natural alternatives like chiropractors and naturopaths - they seem much more willing to listen to what's going on with your body. Avoiding certain foods does sound like the answer, doesnt it?

Antigone said...

Oh hun what an awlful experience!!!
That doctor had no right to shoot you down or say what he said about what you thought it could be!! They are ment to listen to you and then from the test and your detailed account of your complaint (medical) They should then be able to diagnose you and then move on to treatment.
Hun try and get some rest and when you feel alittle stronger seek a second oppinion!!!
Good luck hun i hope you get well ASAP!!