Friday, July 21, 2006

Time to knuckle down again

After giving myself a full week off training I'm ready to get back into it.  Luckily I havent ended up getting sick, so not sure what all the lethargy was all about.  Anyway my energy levels are returning to normal so I think its time to start dragging my butt out of bed at 5am again and getting myself back to the gym (although its been heavenly to stay in bed until 7am every morning!!) 

I'm going to ease back into it by taking the pups for a walk on the weekend (poor puppies have been neglected for a while).  I'm feeling quite lazy and bloated from not exercising this week, so I cant wait to hit the gym again!  I guess we all need a little break now and then, if nothing more than to fire up the motivation again!

Seeing as how my last 12 week challenge fizzled at the end, I've decided that I'm going to go for daily and weekly goals instead of a BIG 12 week goal which I tend to lose sight of halfway through.  The goals are mostly going to be 'task' orientated rather than 'weight' orientated, as I tend to get sooo caught up with what the scales say that I forget about the mental progress I'm making.

Some of those goals are going to be relating to my weekend habits - like the fact that I usually forget to drink water on the weekends and might be lucky to get a litre in rather than my goal of 3 or 4 litres.  Also on weekends I have a habit of forgetting or not being prepared/organised for meals, then eating too much at the next meal because I'm so hungry!!  So these are some of the things I'm going to work on and get under control.  I feel like if I get some of my habits under control, then everything else will fall into place.

Anyway I'm looking forward to some nice muscle soreness next week... time to re-hash my weight training programme again I think!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Splice said...

Its funny how the weekends tend to put us out.
Once we master them, it all good!!!
Good luck and eat well.



P.s Im glad you not getting those pains reoccuring, hopefully you will be ok now.

Andj said...

Sounds like a great plan Hilary!
I too forget to drink water on the weekends!

Jehanne said...

Yeh my week off from training did me the world of good. Have fun getting back into it, I love the muscle soreness too!

Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary, I think you sometimes do need to have a week off to get re-focussed and to have a rest. Sometimes you really just need a week of sleep-ins too. Good luck on Monday when the fitness journey starts again!
Rebecca :)

Michelle said...

Spoken like a true champion!!!

Small daily changes add up to big results!

Stay focused!!

XX - Michelle

Lia Halsall said...

Weekends are always challenging, it's taken me a long time to sort that one out and even now I have my hiccups but it certainly doesn't deter me one little bit. LOL!! :o) xo

Amy said...

all the best for you new challenge hilary- look forward to hearing your progress.
I think weekends are hard for most people and I too forget to drink water. It's easier when your at work when it is right in front of you.
Have a great weekend!

Love amy

Ali said...

I often don't drink enough on the weekends, and wonder why i sometimes get a headache.... der...

Good to have that week off sometimes, good luck with starting and achieving your new goals!

have a great week and hope you had an awesome weekend!!

Ali xxx

Kaddy said...

hey hills!

yep - im on the same track as you! Been on programs/plans etc for ove r12 months.. and for some reason had trouble sticking to them...mental i know... and tohught i would be stressed not being on a plan but i am SO not and i am finding it SO SO much easier making wiser food decisions... i dunno how it has worked but im not going to argue! Now that you're so educated this next step will be an absolute breeze for you! GL

Hilary said...

Thanks Deb - mastering the weekends is something I'm yet to achieve consistently, this is my new goal!

Hi Andj its just so hard to remember everything when you're not at work isn't it?!! Hope you had a great weekend.

Thanks Jeh, sometimes I think your body just needs that break doens't it? Makes for one fired-up chicky the following week!

Rebecca that week of sleeping in was just heaven!! Wish I didn't have to work so I could sleep in like that every day, and still do my training in the mornings too of course! Looking forward to getting back into it!

Thanks Michelle - thats the goal! Small daily goals lead to a VERY focussed girl! Thanks for the support.

Lia its good to know that even a super organised competitor like you still have the odd weekend hiccup! Just gotta make a conscious effort I think, and everything will fall into place.

Amy I'm looking forward to the new challenges too - and remembering that water is not easy is it!! I think I need an alarm around my neck or something...

Thanks Ali. Hope you had a great weekend too!

Thanks Kat - know what you mean, and great news that you're finding it easier to make good food choices!! Sometimes when the pressure is off it makes everything fall into place.