Friday, July 07, 2006

Cheese and Onion chips

Last night my dear BF was sitting next no me on the couch while we were watching Lost, which is the only TV show I really really must watch every week.  Anyway, he's sitting there and opens this HUGE packet of Cheese & Onion chips.  Now I dont remember the last time I ate potato chips, but Cheese and Onion would be my absolute FAVOURITE flavour.  My BF is one of these people who just eats whatever he wants and cannot put on weight (he's trying to put on some size actually). 

Anyway, I'm watching him shovel these chips into his mouth, just staring at him really, and he looks at me and then looks all guilty:

"I'm sorry baby" he says, "do you want me to go eat these somewhere else?"

"No its fine" I said.... watched him for a few more minutes, then I said crossly "You're not even TASTING those, you're just mindlessly shovelling them in!!"

He laughed and said "This is going to be on your blog tomorrow, isn't it!!"  LOL!  He knows me too well!  So here it is honey - couldn't disappoint you!

Still I have the sense to know that even though I would have loved to have some of those chips, the guilt afterwards would have been far worse.  I also know that most things very rarely taste as good as you think/dream/imagine they will.  In the past I have cravings for certain foods, and then when you do have it, its like "what was all the fuss about?".   But still... those chips... all the time I'm thinking you bastard!!  Lol! -

I've been fabulous this week, great training, perfect eats, 4 litres of water every day... but I really could have, really really WANTED some of those chips.  Sooo happy I didn’t!

This is my first blog that I'm sending by email... hope it works!  The wonders of technology!!

Happy Friday everyone!


Kerryn said...

Good on you for not giving in and having a chip. Give yourself a good pat on the back. I have been following your blog for a while through Just started a blog of my own to help me keep on track. Hope you have a good week end. cheers. Kerryn

Alicia said...

Hey babes. I totally know how you feel, except Hubbie breaks out the triple choc bikkies. My solution is to walk out of the room until he's finished them!


Cate said...

Wow - my mouth is watering as I read! Well done on your strength of character in resisting the chips!


Hilary said...

Hi Kerryn and welcome!! I've just stopped by your blog - and I will add you to my favourites!

Alicia that's a good solution, just walking away. Might have to do that one next time.

Thanks Cate - you really do feel stronger when you just say no!!

Hilds said...

Wow what willpower, its the best to stay right away from those chips as you can never just stop at one!

Hilary said...

Thanks Hilds!! They HAD to be my favourite flavour too, didnt they!!

Jodi said...

That really did crack me up reading that post!!!! Good on you for not having any!!! Such willpower!!!