Monday, July 24, 2006

Where did my muscles go????

Spent the whole weekend trying to find/buy a new dining table (and trying to find one that we didn't need to wait 6-8 weeks for), seeing as our old one smashed into a million pieces (glass top) - long story - dont ask!!!!

After two weeks without weight training, my muscles have disappeared. I want them baaaaaacccck!

Last night I cooked a beautiful big roast chicken, and I decided to have a 'last supper' before getting stuck into eating clean and training hard again, so I went ahead and had some roast potatos, roast pumpkin and 2 HUGE yorkshire puddings with gravy... I was so full and bloated afterwards, yuk I hate that feeling!! But it was a fabulous roast dinner, and I had some red wine too...

Anyway, at about 11.45pm I woke up and just felt disgusting... my tummy really wasnt very happy with me, I felt sick, bloated and gross - and I was lying there thinking to myself "REMEMBER how gross you feel right now - next time you feel like eating like that - REMEMBER this feeling!!!" Bleugh! Not nice!

So I still managed to get up and hit the gym at 5.30 this morning - leg day! Again my stoopid knee didn't like it very much, but I think some massaging around the top of the knee cap will sort it out. Then I did 25 minutes on the cross trainer, which felt great!!

There has been a definite decrease in muscle strength - but hopefully it wont take long to get back some strength. I love feeling this energised and motivated!! Bring on the week!! Its going to be a great one!!!

Happy Monday everyone!


little rene said...

Hey Hilary,
I am sure you will get back your strength in no time. My brother in law always says "Thank God for muscle memory" and it is so true. It never seems to take as long to see definition the second time around! Your Last Supper sounds so yummy, I would love a glass of red right now! Have a great week,

Selina said...

Yep, first one back always kills, but then I find you bounce back better than ever!
MMMM dinner sounded great!!
Have a great week!!

Helen said...

Hi Hil

How do you get up that early. Thats my biggest problem. Its so dark and cold at the moment . I always set my alarm for 5:20am but hit snooze every time.

Dont worry, your muscles will come back in no time. :)


kathrynoh said...

Yum, I love yorkshire pud. Haven't had it for ages. That bloated stomach feeling is the worst though.

Rebecca said...

Hi Hilary,

The hardest part is getting back into it and actually starting all over. You will have your mus-kals back in no time. It is so hard waking up isn't it? I am struggling with that one and am a bit tired from it too.

Rebecca :)

Kerryn said...

Hi Hilary
I am the same on weekends - do not drink enough water and find i am not organised with my food. Will (like you) concentrate on these goals for this next weekend. Have a great weekend. Cheers Kerryn

Antigone said...

Hun atleast you enjoyed the meal, well before it started fighting back LOL
I bet you will regain your strength in no time hun, if i can do it then so can you:)

Splice said...

Muscles have a memory lucky for you hey ;-) (just kidding).
But as soon as you start lifting those weights, it wont take long for them to re-appear, just like magic but with hard work lol.
Hope your knee gets better.

Hilary said...

Thanks Rene, yeah I can feel those muscles are still there, they're just hiding at the moment :-)

Selina I'm hobbling around after legs yesterday, so yes I agree that the first one back kills!! LOL!

Helen I think I've just been getting up at 5am for so long that its just become habit. Forming the habit is the hardest part though - good luck!

Kathryn how good is Yorkshire pudding?!! Sooo yummy, that's why its best left for special dinners!

Kerryn it seems like there's a few of us out there having trouble on the weekend! Glad I'm not alone!

Thanks Em - yeah that meal definetely fought back lol! Cant wait to get the strength back!

Thanks Deb, I'll let everybody know when my muscles reappear, I'm certainly going to be excited when they do!

Ali said...

I must agree thank goodness for muscle memory :)

You'll be right back into it in no time!! Your dinner soundsd scrumptous :)

You know i have never had yorkshire pudding, I will have to look them up to see what they consist off,

have a great day Hilary

Ali xxx

Jehanne said...

I wish I could store that feeling in a bottle and whip it out every time I feel like splurging on my diet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andj said...

You are so good for gettin up that early! YOur muscles will be back in no time I am sure!

Hilds said...

Hi Hilary, don't worry you will be back on track feeling as strong as ever in no time at all. Also wanted to say what a great idea it is not to focus on weight related goals. I've actually stopped weighing myself lately and go on how I feel, the mirror and how my clothes fit. I also set weekly training goals, I'm finding it heaps better and managing to create a nice lifestyle. Keep up the awesome work. Luv Hilds

Hilary said...

Thanks Ali - the dinner was scrumptious! Yorkshire puddings are made from flour, eggs and milk. Its like a batter that you cook in muffin tins, and they puff up - taste fabulous with a roast covered in lots of gravy!!

Jeh I agree totally... thats why I told myself that I needed to remember how it felt... hopefully it sticks in my brain!

Thanks Andj, its just a habit now so I dont really have to think about it too much... thank goodness for habits!

Hilds for some of us it seems like a great way to focus, small daily and weekly goals... it seems to work for me anyway! Good to hear that you are on track!