Saturday, July 08, 2006

My kitchen has been buried...

This is my kitchen this morning... buried under a pile of furniture that normally lives in the dining and lounge areas (excuse the "pinkness" of the kitchen - this room is next on the list to be renovated)

And THIS is the reason why my kitchen is buried...

We're sanding and polishing the floors this weekend!! Gawd there is just and crap and dust flying through the air, and its a very noisy house at the moment! Poor kitty is going to have to stay with a friend while the paint/polish stage happens... he's gonna hate me!

So there's no cooking going to happen this weekend, I just cant get in there! Ah dont you just love renovating? Always something fun happening!

Hope everyone is having a less dusty weekend than me!


Rebecca said...

Hello, I just wanted to say hi and let you know I have been reading everyone's 12 week fitness journeys over the past few months and am about to embark on my own in 2 weeks time. I am really excited and wanted to just say hi. I have just started my own Blog. I really admire your fitness efforts and find your story really inspirational.
Cheers, Rebecca

Andj said...

YOur house looks nice Hilary!

Amy said...

Hope the renovating goes well Hilary- have a great weekend!!
Love Amy

Michelle said...

Oh MY!!!!

What a state of chaosis in your house this weekend!

It will all be worth it when it's over - but the in between......

Have a graet weekend!

XX - Michelle

CJ said...

That's why we pay people to do our renovating for us! Good on you for doing it!

Hilary said...

Hi Rebecca, thanks for dropping by. There is so much inspiration and motivation here on blog, its a fantastic community!

Thanks Andj, it will be great when we've finished it!

Amy the renovating is going well, hope you had a great weekend too.

Thanks Michelle, I had forgotten what it was like to live in such dust and chaos... but the results make it worthwhile.

Cathy its so much fun to do the renovating yourselves!! LOL - NOT!!

Hilary xx

Selina said...

ARGH!! No cooking?!?! How did you survive?! Pre-packaged and frozen meals already prepared?!
Betchya can't wait till that job is done!!
PS: Good work on the cheese and onion chips, thats one flavour I haven't had for years!!

Selina said...

PPS: I like your new profile pic! :)

Splice said...

Its going look amazing once its all finished. And just think about all those calories you are burning getting that work done ;-)
I want to see a picture of the end result.
Take care,

Hilary said...

Hi Selina - unfortunately the menu this weekend was less than average! Having no kitchen is awful!

Thanks Deb - we're fairly pleased with the results. I always tell myself I'm burning heaps of calories whenever i do stuff around the house, gotta talk myself into it!

Hilary xx