Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday update

Well it was an interesting renovating weekend.   By Friday evening I couldn't use the kitchen, so meals were either makeshift, or the dreaded takeaway.  By Saturday we were knee deep in floor sanding, puttying and vacuuming (actually I mostly supervised... lol!!)  Developed a tickle in my throat and a chesty cough from inhaling all that sawdust, not fun!

We got this fabulous satin-finish floor paint that is water-based, it only took 3 hours to dry between coats, and had no noxious smell.  So Connor the cat stayed home, locked up in one of the bedrooms for 3 hour spurts, with everything a cat could need... bed, litter, food, water, toys!  Much better than having to relocate him (and us) for a few days.  Anyway, by Sunday lunchtime we had all the coats done and all the furniture back in place - it looks like a new house!!  I love the lighter colour of the floor now - not bad for a day and a halfs work!

Yesterday I had to drive to Murwillumbah in northern NSW for work - what a long tiring drive that was!  Took about an hour and 15 minutes each way, of straight highway driving = a very long day!  So didn't get to train yesterday because I had to leave home so early.  Did a pretty good cardio session this morning though.

Today I decided to start using Fitday again, havent used it in over a year, but I think I need it to focus on my daily nutrition.  Its surprising how many calories you consume when you dont pay close attention to what you're eating.  Anyway, today I've pulled it in at 1720 calories, 20% fat, 45% carbs and 35% protein.  Didnt realise I was eating so many carbs!!  Gonna have to watch that I think.

2 more days of work and then I have 4 days off - woohoo!!  Really cant wait to get to Melbourne on Friday... although the 4am start isn't going to be very nice!

Happy training everyone!


Jadey said...

Can't wait to catch up gorgeous, your house is looking awesome! Look forward to seeing you again! HOpe things are well - Jadey xxx

Rebecca said...

I have that problem too sometimes, eating WAY too much. I am planning to record mine from now on as well. Just to keep me on track!! I hope that the rennos are finished for you soon.
Rebecca :)

Jehanne said...

The floor looks fantastic, how cool!

Michelle said...

The floors did turn out beautiful!

Enjoy your Holiday weekend!

I'll be thinking of you all!

Cate said...

Have a wonderful time in Melbourne Hilary!


Bella said...

Hi Hilary!!! Cant wait to see you on saturday - this time we can have a better chat - I dont have to speed off this time - my ENTIRE day is dedicated to watching rae and jadey! woohoo! xxx

Alicia said...

Have a great time in Melbourne :D Enjoy a capriciossa pizza from Cafe Notturno on Lygon Street for me! LOL. xo

Hilary said...

Hi Jadey - cant wait to see you up on that stage this weekend lovey! See you soon!

Hi Rebecca, I still use my training journal to note down my meals each day, but I find Fitday useful to keep a track of how many calories I'm actually eating - much easier than trying to figure it out manually!!

Thanks Jeh! Lots of hard work, but definetely worth it.

Thanks Michelle - I will do some extra cheering on your behalf this weekend!

Thanks Cate - I'm so excited!!

Hi Bella, excellent that we'll get to catch up again - I will give you a call on Saturday to see where you're at.

Thanks Alicia, not sure what the after comp feast will be, but I bet all those competitors will thoroughly enjoy it! (and I will too of course!!)

Hilary xx

Ali said...

Your floors look great!!
Enjoy today and I will
see in in melbourne:)

Kaddy said...

oh i love the colours of your house!!! VN -u guys are doing an aWESome job!!

replied to your comment off my blog...

thanks for dropping by