Monday, July 03, 2006

Thank you...

Thank you to all you wonderful girls for all your lovely comments... you have no idea how much you guys cheer me up, especially when I've been feeling a bit average lately - thank you! You are all fabulous and deserve a big hug!

So... feeling much better now after a few days rest. Back to gym - legs again this morning... there is a reason why I am now doing legs on a Monday morning... its because if there was ANY one workout that I would blow off, its legs. I dont normally enjoy it, so by doing it Monday morning it means there's no chance that I'll skip it. See - theres a method to my madness! I've gone up every week in my weights, which makes me think I wasn't working hard enough before! I have to admit though, I thought I was going to be sick after doing barbell squats this morning - must mean that I worked hard!!

Food - Dontcha hate it when you sit down to morning tea and your apple is soft and bruised? Yuk, I couldn't eat it. So my meal 2 was a protein shake mixed with water. Nothing else in my bag to eat, all the other food I brought was already "assigned" to meals 3 and 4. Oh well, a few less calories today probably wont hurt, especially after a less than perfect weekend. Eats have been totally clean today - yippee!!

Only 11 days and I'll be back in Melbourne to watch the All Female Classic!!! Now if I'm this excited just about going to watch, I can just imagine how those who are competing are feeling!! I'd be jumping out of my skin by now if it were me!!

Have a great night!


Lia Halsall said...

I'm glad to hear your bakc on track, there's no better feeling if you ask me. And I'm counting the days to the all female, it'll be like a blog reunion. LOL!! ;o) xx

Splice said...

Hi Hilary, just wanted to let you know I had a friend with a leaky valve problem. I know it caused her pain, but I dont know what happened with that.
I hope you are well. Don't let that silly quack get to you. I would n't see him again if I were you.
Just take care of yourself and email me if you want to catch up.

Michelle said...

I wish I could be there to watch that comp woth you!!!

Say hi to everyone for me!

And Hil - you really should get a blender - you just don't know what you're missing - LOL!


Kaddy said...

Hey Hills... how u doin'?? Exciting going to the All Females!! Are you thinknig about competing??

Good thinking about doing legs first... i hate legs too but me finks there's no way outta it :( supported lunges make me gag lol

take care!

CJ said...

For you its the legs session you would blow off - for me its biceps or shoulders! I love doing legs!

Antigone said...

You have done a great job hun not only upping the weights but almost feeling sick afterwards hehe lia would love even more LOL
I am so looking forward to the classic it is going to be a fun filled day :)
I just hope i dont get lost LOL

Hilary said...

Lia I totally agree - nothing beats this feeling of being in control. Counting down the days til I get to meet you all in Melbourne!!

Thanks Deb, I'm putting that bad doctor experience behind me and getting on with it. I've had enough of doctors for quite a while I think!

Michelle I wish you were coming to see this comp too! We'll have to get you over here at some point, you're like an honourary Aussie now anyway, arent you? lol!

Hey Kat, yeah I'm sooo excited. It has crossed my mind to compete, but I'm not going to decide anything until I've seen this INBA comp. You gotta know what you're getting yourself into!

Cathy I wish I loved legs... I'm always too scared of hurting my knees. I actually LOVE training shoulders!

Hi Em - cant wait to meet you next weekend! I hope you dont get lost too!