Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tired Wednesday

I think all the excitement of the weekend has caught up with me... I'm shattered!! I've been soooo tired for the last few days, no energy, headache, sore eyes etc that I've given myself a few days off training. Not sure if I've picked up some sort of bug from the plane or something. I dont feel SICK as such, just really tired! Could be just my body is just doing a good job of fighting it off??? I slept 11 hours on Sunday night, 8 hours on Monday night and 9 hours last night (and a normal nights sleep for me is about 6 hours) and I STILL feel sleepy and sore around the eyes.

Had to drive to Murwillumbah again today, which did nothing to wake me up. Bit scary actually when you have to drive a long way and battle to keep your eyes open.

Hmmm anyway I'm still eating lots of good clean food, lots of veges, rice, chicken, fish - so hopefully I will start to wake up soon! I am craving sugar, but doing well so far in staying away from it. Should probably get myself back to the gym I guess.

Two exciting things happened Monday... one - I bought a blender, and two - my Myoplex Lite arrived!!!!! So guess who's been blending up a storm of protein shakes?? I'm still experimenting getting the proportion of ice/water/berries etc right, but it usually comes out like a sort of ice-cream texture - YUM! Perfect for dessert - and I'm pretty sure my body is needing those extra calories right now. I'm enjoying one now actually!!

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Alicia said...

Hey hun!

Sounds like you had a ball in Melbourne. Am so jealous that you went to Lygon Street.....but at least I am going there in 5 weeks time (but wont be eating anything of course - just drooling! LOL). Drop me a line and we'll catch up for a coffee sometime.


Michelle said...

Another "Myoplex Monster" in the works - LOL!

Aside from ice - I'm LOVING chicken smeared with mustard this week - makes me think of you!!

Enjoy your toy!
XX - Michelle

Kelly said...

It's that time of year I think!!! Sickness starts to creep in, I blame the weather in Wodonga... 13degrees today, though QLD... maybe you could blame the lack of daylight hours???? Hope you feel better after a couple of days rest, lots of echinacea...

I don't know much about the Myoplex thing!!! I've come across a couple of bloggers writing about it, Sue rave's about it... What is it exactly???? Sounds yum, yum, yum! ;)

Sue Heintze said...

Hi Hils, sorry to hear you are under the weather. Hope you are feeling back on top of things tomorrow. Blame Di, she was getting sick in Melbourne! It was such a great weekend, thank you for coming, it was so great to meet you in person finally and you were exactly like I thought you would be :) Just beautiful, on the inside as well as the outside. I will treasure the gift and card you gave me, thank you :) Hope to see you again soon!


Andj said...

Hey Hilary.
I know exactly how you feel. Tiredness sux!
Is myoplex different/better than normal protein powder? I have never been able to justify the cost.

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you need to just have a big rest one the weekend, I know that exhaustion feeling well. I hope that you feel better soon. I can't wait until it is summer again.
Rebecca :)

Jehanne said...

Yummo, I cant wait till I can have protein shakes again, am definately gonna try that one. Something else that is a little unusual but tasty, is jelly and myoplex together. You mix up your jelly as normal with half hot water and half cold water and then shake it with your powder and let it set. I have had orange jelly and choc protein powder and it come sout as this yummo jaffa flavour!!!!!!!!!

Hilary said...

Hi Alicia - the Lygon feast was fabulous! I'd never been there before so it was great! Have just emailed you...

Michelle I think you have created a 'protein shake monster' in me!! Job well done! They are great!

Thanks Kelly, a bit of rest will sort me out I think. Myoplex Lite is a brand of protein powder... I've just recently purchased a box - yum!

Thanks Sue, it was so great to be finally able to meet you after all this time! Have sent you an email.

Andj the Myoplex is quite expensive, this is my first try of it so I'll let you know if its worth it or not!!

Thanks Rebecca, I think I'm on the mend!

Jeh I'm gonna have to try that jelly/protein powder combo!! Sounds yum!

Hilary xx

Bella said...

get better soon! x

Jodi said...

Hi Hilary, sorry to see you are under the weather, have you been back to the doctors and gotten blood tests?? You sound like you are run down a fair bit lately, your not deficient in iron are you?? Hope you start feeling better. You are such a beautiful girl, I am suprised you are not a sports model or something like that.