Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Clumsy day

I'm having a clumsy day today. So far I think I have banged my cold hands on the locker at the gym twice (and it hurts when your hands are cold), bumped my leg on the table, walked into a door jamb (missed the door by THAT much!!), dropped my water bottle, and clipped my ankle on a chair leg. Hmmm not good! I'm one of those people who's a "mystery bruiser". I get "mystery" bruises, and rarely remember how I got them!! Quite often have a bruise on my thighs that's just about table height, I bump my legs pretty often LOL!!

I don't think its anything to do with my balance, sometimes I'm just a klutz! We've got this really long corridor at my office, and I usually cant walk the length of it without veering to the right or left and bumping into one of the walls. Of course, wearing my gorgeous but totally dangerous 9cm Sachi high heels probably doesn't help (No way I can give them up!!). This is making me sound really strange isn't it?!!!!!

I've always been like this, ever since I was a kid. Being tired seems to be the trigger, thats when I start dropping things. And I'm very tired today.

Back and Chest done this morning - - - I had to vary the workout a fair bit because the equipment I needed was busy!! Not to worry, I feel like I got a good workout, and on my chest exercises I concentrated on squeeeeezing my pecs together. Can feel the effects already!

I'm having a great week this week - feel strong and in control, which I love.

The State of Origin decider is on tonight, which is why I'm on the computer! For what its worth - GO QUEENSLAND!! Actually I'm not into rugby league so I'm not really bothered!


Alicia said...

Are you sure we're not twins?! I get those mystery bruises too AND I also wear shockingly high shoes to work too :D People always ask me how the hell I can walk in my shoes! LOL

Selina said...

heheheheeeeee I am an A-grade klutz as well!!! I trip over carpet for crying out loud... ya know when you're walking and you just stumble, yep thats me! Not good when carrying large dumbbells to clients... hee hee As for the heels, I don't know how you do it! Sounds like you had a real wobbly day!! I guess it's true that females have terrible spacial awareness... lol.
Doesn't your chest just ache for days when doing proper sqeezes... ouch! I hurt for at least 4 days after a chest workout, without fail! Hopefully one day it will make my chest look bigger ;) lol
Any more news on your stomache issues?? Your post sounded very positive, glad you're having a good week!!

CJ said...

You're not wierd - I'm exactly the same - I walk into things all the time and always have bruises on my thighs at desk height! The more tired I get the more I walk into doors, walls, tables, you name it! And I nearly knocked myself out on a cupboard door the other night!

Antigone said...

You sound like me when i was a child but i think i grew out of it, or did i just take it to a new level LOL i trip on my own feet hehe.
Sounds like your burning it up at the gym!!! Don't you hate it when the equipment you want is busy, good to hear you didn't wait for it though :)
Pays to be flexible and if you know what muscle you want to work you can easily find another machine that can do it, aspecially when they have those had pictures to follow hehe

Rachel said...

I'm so clumsy too and pregnancy makes it soooo worse LOL!

Jodi said...

Hi Hils, just caught up on your blog.....sorry to see you have been down lately...stomach problems can do that! Much of my depression was bought on due to not being able to sort out my stomach problems. I have had a endoscopy and colonoscopy - they really aren't that back but it may be necessary for you to have it to find out what is going on. Doctors can be real arseholes sometimes. The amount of doctors who have told me my stomach problems where all in my head and it is just IBS, many a time I walked out crying as they just did not get the daily crap I had to go through. I really don't have the time of day for doctors now.

Anyway, I really hope your feeling better, I know you must be feeling really frusterated, try not to stress to much as it will just make your stomach worse. They say in eastern medicines the stomach reflects the thoughts in the mind so try not to get to stressed. Being an anxious person myself I know how hard this is!!!

Hilary said...

Alicia I had to laugh!! I'm glad there are other 'mystery bruisers' out there! And I think we girls are just gluttons for punishment with those shoes!

Selina tripping over carpet when carrying dumbells must have its problems! Hope the clients can laugh! Spatial awareness - I'm the worst when it comes to reversing cars... thank goodness my current car has reverse sensors!

Cathy I hope your head has recovered from that big bump on the cupboard the other night!! We must all share the same gene or something?!!

Hi Em, and yes it sucks when all the gym equipment you want is busy!! Lucky i go to a large gym, and there's usually something else available that will do the job.

Rachel, remind me not to get pregnant!! The poor baby would have concussion by the time 9 months were up!!

Thanks Jodi - I've had enough of doctors and tests just lately. It really does get you down when they cant tell you whats wrong with you - you begin to feel like you're imagining it. I do agree though that worry can make things worse, I'll just have to work on being a calm and peaceful person!!