Thursday, June 29, 2006

I love HIIT!!!!!!

I havent done HIIT for a while, and I was flicking through a magazine on Tuesday night when I saw a brief little article about it. And I thought, hmmmm, why havent I done any interval cardio lately? The answer is "there is no answer"!! I've been concentrating on working my butt off with weights that I havent paid close attention to my cardio. Dont get me wrong, I'm not neglecting my cardio, I've just been doing either a steady state jog, or a steady state elliptical/cross trainer (I never know which to call it!)

Sooooooo guess what I did yesterday morning?!!!! Ah I forgot what a good workout it is... killer!! I decided to take the harder option - so stepped on the treadmill and did a combination of jog/sprint intervals... woooooohoooooo! Felt great! I had my little arms and legs pumping like you wouldn't believe! I had my ipod on, music blaring, going hard! The woman on the treadmill beside me kept looking at me, so I was beginning to wonder if I was breathing (panting!) really loudly or something! I couldn't hear a thing my music was so loud (it had to be loud to block out the tragic music they were playing at the gym).

Well I had an abdominal CT scan on Wednesday, what a bizarre experience that was. Felt like I was going into the Stargate. I had to fast for 4 hours (so my meals were buggered up again!), then have a barium drink, then have a dye injected. I've always been told that I have nice big veins, but I've never had an injection like that before. I feel like a bit of a human pincushion at the moment, the needle kept coming out of the vein when the dye tried to go in, so after the third attempt it stayed in long enough to get some dye into me. They dye makes you feel all hot, and you get this metallic taste in your mouth, weird. Then the needle popped out right at the end (stupid veins!!), and squirted dye under my skin - eeek! -. So the're quite sore today and bruises on both arms. What a great look that is. Lucky its winter and I can wear long sleeves!

Didnt finish work until quarter to 7 last night, then had to come home and prepare some more meals for the rest of the week as I'd run out. So I was very tired and grumbly last night. I felt absolutely exhausted last night so I decided to let my body rest and not go to gym today. Not that I feel any better for it, I feel totally stuffed - having all these tests seems to take it out of you, both phyically and mentally.

Anyway all this corruption of my schedule has me feeling a little frazzled. I'm hoping thats the last of the fasting and water loading for now. I'm getting a bit fed up of going to the medical centre to be honest. Its only been a week, but I've been up there every day! Hopefully in a few more days I'll have an answer.

I think I'm going to give myself another day off from gym tomorrow - I just dont feel well at the moment, quite lethargic. Off to bed early tonight I think.


Splice said...

Oh you poor girl ;-(. i have had that that test done before, years ago. But my body spit the needle out!! Ouch!
I remeber drining that white stuff and I remember that hot feeling going through my body when it was injected.
I hope your results come back with thumbs up.
You really should get rest, it can take a lot out of you.
Please keep us informed when you find out.

Michelle said...

Those tests must be stressful on your body!!

Plus just having your schedule all messed up creates stress all on it's on!

I hope evrything turns out O.K. - and that you get the results SOON!!!

I'll be thinking of you!!

- Michelle

Kerry said...

Ihope you are feeling better by the time the comp comes around so that if all goes well my end and your end we can have fun with Sue and Kimmy.
I'm sorry i whined about the rain. We are farmers and it was sour grapes for us because we hoped it would be raining at home while we were away. All we got was 3.5mm but it is raining a little at home tonight so I am told. (I think it's Thursday)
Take care

Kelly said...

Hi Hilary,
Nice to meet you. I hope you're feeling better it can't be nice feeling sick and having your body put through all that. Good luck with the results

jodie said...

Hi Hils
Look after yourself OK? Glad you are resting up sounds like you need it. I hope you hear something or get some results, and most of all I hope everything OK. Take care, thinking of you!

Selina said...

You poor girl!!! I HATE needles, so I'd not be in a very good state being in your position!
Good idea to rest up though, sometimes your body just knows what it wants.
Well done on the HIIT sess though! I haven't done that for a loooong time either.
Take care!!

Jodi said...

You poor thing Hilary, I know how stressful getting test can be, getting heaps of needles, fastings, drinking yucky stuff - I absolutely HATED that dye injection, I would rather a hundred needles in preference to getting the dye injected again....very bizzare feeling!

I hope you start feeling better soon and let us know your results when you get then as we are all worried about you!!!

CJ said...

I think some rest and recreation are in order until you're fully recovered from your tests.

HIIT workouts - I think I do at least 2 of them a week at the moment and you're right - they're a killer but they work!

Have a good weekend!

Andj said...

ooh - Barium Contrast yuk - I'm glad I don't have to use that on my patients when we do CT scans.
HIIT is a good feeling isn't it! It is supposed to be pretty good for you if you do it regularly as well. I'm supposed to do it three times a week but do I nope!

Rest up

Hilary said...

Thanks splice, so its not just my veins that reject the dye huh? Its not a nice experience is it!

Michelle it funny but it IS tiring having your schedule messed up... thanks again for the positive thoughts...

Hi Kerry - I'm hoping for no more stomach pain attacks - I'm hoping to be able to party with everyone in Melbourne in a few weeks time! Hope some more rain heads your way soon!

Thanks Kelly for your well-wishes, nice to meet you too!

Hi Jodie - I think I need the rest, think my body is sick of being poked and prodded!

Selina I'm sooo glad I've rediscovered HIIT, what a great workout! Cant wait to get back into it!

Thanks Jodi - how bizarre is that dye injection? Very strange feeling, lucky it only lasts a short period of time!

CJ you are so good to do so much HIIT! I'm going to start incorporating 2 or 3 sessions per week I think.

Thanks Andj, that Barium drink is just horrible isn't it? I can understand not doing interval training, its an absolute killer!

Antigone said...

I hope your feeling alittle better today!
I kinda know how you feel i have been in that torture chair at the pathology lab so much these past weeks its scary!!
I reckon rest is the best thing and to try and make the best of a not so nice situation :)
Here's to a speedy recovery :)

Ali said...

I hope you are feeling better after your test.

I am looking forward to Melbourne in a couple of weeks, I've forgotten what time you arrive in melbourne when you get qa chance let me know.

have a great weekend!

HITT is great!!!

Ali xxx

Cate said...

Hi Hilary, thanks for the welcome on the forum. That dye test is horrible isn't it? I had one in January this year & the sensation was disgusting. Sounds to me that you need a good rest this weekend.
Take care!

Hilary said...

Thanks Em - its tiring on the body when you have so many tests done isn't it? It must be more so for you too, what with the extra energy you must need.

Thanks Ali for the well-wishes - I will email you tomorrow about Melbourne - cant wait!!

Thanks Cate, I've had a good rest this weekend and am raring to get back into some serious training! Chat soon.

Hilary xx