Friday, June 02, 2006


Yesterday I could NOT stop eating! I dont know what's wrong with me! There was a morning tea at work, and unfortunately I was there... eating.... people were saying "I cant believe what I'm seeing Hilary!!" Its like shock-horror - Hilary actually eats rubbish!! Well take a picture folks, you aint gonna see it again for a LOOOOONNNGGGG time! I'm feeling all yuk and bloated now, so I'm totally over eating crap.

I hate blaming this kind of thing on hormones, but I feel like this is what caused me to give in to cravings. I know that I need to be more disciplined, its times like this that I need to show my inner strength and push through - but that sweet tooth just started calling me...

Anyhoo- had another fantastic weight session yesterday - LEGS! Actually enjoyed legs this time, and I even managed to increase my weights on most exercises. I lifted my heaviest ever on leg press, which I'm quite pleased with, and I managed to have no knee problems at all. Gotta be happy with that. Then I headed over to the treadmills and jumped on, only managed to jog for 10 minutes before my legs started to tell me they'd had enough for one session.

This morning I could NOT get out of bed. I woke up with a fuzzy head, headache, and neck ache. Must have slept funny - or pehaps a reaction to the cakes I ate yesterday. Made the decision to stay in bed, so as a result I have not done my chest/tricep workout. Will fit it in on the weekend sometime. There was really no benefit to me staying in bed - I didn't get back to sleep anyway. I just lay there thinking "Get up, get up, get up..."

I have made an ebay purchase, a cool little digital camera. I'm trying to upload the image, but blogger doesnt want to play tonight.

I needed a little camera that will (hopefully) fit in my handbag. Our other camera needs a whole bag of its own, which is quite annoying when you're already carrying heaps of crap! Ordered it last night, but I cant wait to get it!! I should have it in plenty of time for the All Female Classic in July, which is what I really wanted it for.

Busy weekend ahead! I was hoping to be able to catch up with Bel who is coming up from Canberra, but unfortunately we're not going to be able to fit it in. I'm leaving for Melbourne on Sunday afternoon, and we've just got too much stuff to do!! Hopefully I will get to catch up with her again soon.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!


Jodi said...

Hi Hilary, don't think I have ever left a comment on your blog yet but I have been reading it for awhile.

Try not to get to down about eating something naughty - your only human like any other person!!!

The photo of you and the girls is gorgeous - you are an extremely attractive girl Hilary!!!!

Hope your feeling better next time I drop in, your very inspiring like the other girls!!!

Lia Halsall said...

Hormones and food relationships, a challenging one for us all to deal with Hilary. You're not alone sweet as we all have our demons to face.

Just hang in there and do your best, that's all you can expect from yourself. :o)

Lia xx

Selina said...

Hey chick!
Sweet tooths come, but sweet tooths go (that should read teeth shouldn't it!). LoL anyway, you know what I mean. Your craving has now passed, and the ickiness you feel after is enough to make you not wanna go back!! Been there, done that MANY times!
Hope your weekend is productive before you head off!! BRRRR Melbourne, rug up, hope u have heapsa fun all the same :)

Kaddy said...

OMG - talk about eating flat having one of those days!! im skulling so much water! :)

Hilary said...

Hi Jodi - thanks for dropping by! The mad-hormone-eating has passed I think, I'm much more rational now! Thanks for the comment on the pic too **blush**

Thanks Lia - you're right - very challenging, and I lost the challenge this month unfortunately. I've got a whole month now to redeem myself! lol!

Hi Selina - The sweet cravings have passed, thank goodness! Funny thing is that I normally want savoury things (although I do love sugar!). Yes I think I'm going to be cold in Melbourne!! Bought some warm weather gear today to keep me sane!

Hi Kat - glad to hear that I'm not the only one!!

Hilary xx

Rachel said...

The best thing you can do is acknowledge it happened and get back on track! That's what we all have to do at some time or another... I'm often over at Shailer Park at Nutrimetics - maybe you could come as my model sometime at training for a pamper??

RaeC said...

Sent you an email about this honey xxx

Andj said...

I've been there before Hilary. I hate it when people say that to me.. you know how it goes "My goodness - I didn't think you ate this kind of food"
Usually I smile and nod and on the inside i'm thinking "great - I felt guilty enough and you just made me feel great" Then I get depressed!
Why do people have to have morning teas at work?
Brush it off and start a fresh - one little indulgence wont ruin all your hard work.


Alicia said...

I can really relate to the morning teas at work - we seem to have one every single week. Sometimes you just have to give into temptation. Once you realise how cr*p it makes you feel, you wont be in a hurry to do it again.

Have fun in Melbourne. If you get the chance - have a coffee at Brunettis in Faraday Street (off Lygon Street).


CJ said...

Hi Hilary - I had a similar experience yesterday and it was apple strudel. i just couldn't resist it so I had no fat yoghurt with it to make me feel better! Sad, isn't it! And it never tastes as great as what I think it will anyway! Except for chocolate - that always tastes good, unfortunately!

Antigone said...

You can have my hormones if you like hehe if you think yours are bad LOL
It is so nice to know that your still human LOL put a smile on your dial and get back into hun ;)

Hilary said...

Rachel! Did someone say "pamper"??? I would love to be your pamper model... how could I say no to such a suggestion!!!

Thanks Rae - love your new profile photo! Thanks for the words of wisdom too!

Andj - I know what you mean - people really seem to like to rub your nose in it sometimes! But you're right - one little indulgence wont ruin me.

Hi Alicia, dont these work morning teas just make life difficult? I normally have no trouble avoiding them, but occasionally it doesnt work. Glad I'm not the only one!

CJ, you just cant beat a good chocolate can you?!! It always tastes good! Hope you enjoyed your apple strudel!

Thanks Em - hope your hormones are starting to settle down now... mine have.