Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday update

Well I had an OK weekend - a little bit of hormonal eating - not too bad though.

Saturday was the usual - dogs got Hydrobathed, housework, groceries, washing - actually most of the clothes are still on the line - will it ever stop raining?!! Poor Kerry comes to Queensland for a holiday and comes in the one week of the year that it rains!! We cant complain though - we really need the rain. If only it would fall in the catchment areas instead of on the coast. We're on level 3 water restrictions because of the drought - and its starting to be a bit scary.

Sunday I went to a GBandA (Gifts, Bags and Accessories) party, got to catch up with my girlfriend and her gorgeous 5 month old son Joshua! Got to have a cuddle of him while she bought a few things... but I'm STILL NOT clucky. Maybe I'll get clucky one day (before I get too old!!). Anyway, I bought a few hair accessories (now that I've got hair long enough for them!!) and a bracelet. The last of the big spenders!!

No exercise on the weekend - it was just too busy. I had a free meal on Saturday night - AND I had a Mars Bar for dessert. BF was looking at me strangely, because before I opened it I was holding it lovingly and singing "I've - got - a - Mars - Bar" to him - grinning stupidly. He doesn't really like chocolate, so he just doesn't get it. For me it was a big deal! I took my time with it, and I really really enjoyed it!!

Legs this morning again - a pretty good workout considering my knee has been twinging all weekend for some strange reason. Anyway, it didn't hurt today, maybe a little niggle during squats. My meals today have all been stuffed up. I had to go for an ultrasound this morning because of those stomach pains I've been having. Anyway, because of that, I had to not eat for 6 hours prior. So I just didnt have breakfast. On top of that I had to drink a litre of water beforehand and not go to the loo. Quite uncomfortable - and it was a bizarre experience to be able to look at my heart whilst it was beating in my chest!

The good news is that I dont have gall stones (which was the next suspect on the list) but there is something a bit funny with my bile duct (sounds gross doesn't it), so now I have to go back to the doc and find out whats next!

Anyway, thats me done! Have a great Tuesday everyone!


jaime-lee said...

uuuhhh your doggies are soooo beautiful! rabbits are very smart animals believe it or not, as well as very affectionate and sooky all the time, very much like cats....but have no love for cats ; (

Your doing so well with your workout Hilary, you always have me running over to see what you had accomplished in your day and always impressed! ive been a lazy bugger cause i dont even have you as a link! Do NOW!

have a great week Hils! x

Jehanne said...

Ooh cool piccies, I miss having pets, hopefully I can get a dog again soon, my folks have attained custody of my pooch... lol
I really hope that you can get to the bottom of your pains soon, and that is is nothing serious, my thoughts are with you! Hope you REALLY enjoyed that mars bar, hehe

Hilary said...

Thanks Jaime-lee, I never liked cats either (until I got one) but my cat is more like a dog than a cat - he plays fetch and even walks on a lead!! And I have to say that I find your blog really inspiring, I love reading yours too!

Thanks Jeh, I'm hoping to find out what those pains were all about too. Its just a process of elimination now I guess. Hope you can get a puppy again soon... I'd be lost without ours...

Selina said...

MMMMM Mars bar.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOpe you find out what going on inside you soon, there's nothing worse than not knowing.
The rain has stopped up here, its lovely to see the sun after what feels like MONTHS of dreary days :) LIke you tho, we really really need it up here!
Have a grrrrrrrreat week!

Andj said...

It is good that you really enjoyed the mars bar - it is more like a treat that way.
I'm a bad one for scoffing food down and barely taking the time to enjoy it.
Have a great day Hilary!

CJ said...

A Mars Bar - gosh I haven't had one of those in years! Actually I'm surprised that I'm not missing chocolate as much as I thought I would - given that I love my chocolate.

Hope you get your health problem sorted out soon. Take care!

Hilary said...

Selina its good to hear that you guys got some rain too... we all need it I think! It was nice to see the sun again though wasn't it?

Andj I really REALLY enjoyed that Mars bar!! I guess if you're going to eat it then you might as well get some enjoyment out of it!

Thanks Cathy for the health wishes, I hope it gets sorted out soon too! Good to hear that you're not craving chocolate, I had a weak moment on the weekend.

Splice said...

Be sure to let us know what the doctor says hun.
It sounds a little concerning, but you are a good girl for looking into it straight away.
I hope everything goes well.
Let me know when you find out more about it.

Michelle said...

I could never train legs in the morning!

I barely drag my wobbly self out of the gym for eats, shower bed.

In that order - with as little time in between.

Good luck with the Dr. - I'll be sending you positive thoughts!

- Michelle

Hilary said...

Thanks Splice, all these tests are starting to make me feel a bit like a guinea pig or something. Hope they can tell me what it is...

Thanks for the positive vibes Michelle - needed them today!