Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mission Accomplished: My legs are FRIED!!

Ouchie my legs are so sore! Got out of bed on Tuesday morning and could barely move. Made for an interesting cardio session! lol! Nah it was all good once I warmed up, got 30 minutes done on the treadmill at an incline of 12, followed by 20 minutes on the cross trainer, where my feet went numb. This always happen to me on the elliptical/cross trainer - usually about 15 minutes into it the toes start to tingle, and no matter how much I wiggle them or shift my foot position, they always end up going numb. Very annoying!!

Sore quads and hammies made for some interesting facial expressions when I was stretching. I kept thinking, if anyone looks at me now when I'm stretching they're gonna laugh at me - gawd it hurt, I was grimmacing. I havent had such sore legs for months - I'm now using my arms to lower myself onto chairs. Even rolling over in bed makes my legs hurt!! LMAO! Its always the first few steps that hurt the worst though, but it does make you walk funny!

Hobbled to gym this morning, and it took me about 5 minutes to climb up the 4 flights of stairs to the gym. It crossed my mind to take the lift, but I just cant bring myself to do it. I feel lazy if I take the lift. I did back and chest today, so I'm gearing up for a sore upper body to go along with my sore lower body. I always know when I've had a good back session, because I always get a corker of a headache the next day (from muscle tension in my back).

Eats are going great - I've been enjoying my chicken and veg soup for meal 2. Warms me up, and nice to have on a rainy winter day. Lunches are stir fried chicken and veges with rice. Feel sooo much better than I did last week, amazing how simple things like eating sandwiches can make you feel so terrible. I'm much happier without it.

Got home yesterday to find that BF had turned the power off as he was installing a heat lamp in the bathroom. We were in the dark for about an hour and a half, during which time I couldnt do ANYTHING. Its hard to cook in the dark with no power! But I was hungry, and I wanted to nibble. Happy to say that although it was extra food, I chose sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes to snack on. At least I'm making some better food choices.

Anyway, I'm tired now so off to bed early for this little chicken!! Nighty-night!


Lauren said...

Hey Hilary,

My feet go numb when I go on the X-trainer too. I wonder why that is?

ooo I don't know if I could put up with a headache everytime I worked my back - you must be very strong!

lol gotta love the facials!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh yes ... I am hearin what you girls are sayin ... my toes go numb on the eliptical too ... what is with that!!!!!

I am also with ya on the muscle soreness this week ... I did legs on Monday too and ever since, every time I stand up my calf muscles say "how you doin?!?!!" ... I feel like someones Nana! ... and my chest ... and my stomach ... and ... well anyways think ya get it ... but feels good huh :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to ask something before ... I am not much of a cook and I was wondering how you make up your chicken and vege soup ... it sounds yummy!


Selina said...

OMG! I'm not the only one, I jsut thought it was another of my body issues!! The numb feet thing...its crazy!
I'm doing a lot of vege soup atm too and adding my protein portion in after... I'd love to see your recipe too Hils!! Mine's quite bland after a few litres of it ICK!
yay for doms, we love doms!!!
enjoy your friday!

CJ said...

I know what you are going through at the moment - my legs and butt are soooo sore! I have a new program for the final 5 weeks and ohmigod its challenging! Yesterday I was so stiff and sore all over!

I also get a numb foot on the elliptical trainer and also the stepper.

Have a great weekend.

jodie said...

My feet go numb as well on the eliptical. I too move and re-position them but still doesn't help.

Have a great weekend Hils!

little rene said...

If only I had access to an eliptical trainer.....LOL! I would love to hear any great recipes as well, I get so bored with my same little creations at times. Have a great weekend,
love renexxx

Hilary said...

Hi Lauren, I dont know what the go is with the numb feet - glad to hear that I'm not the only one!

Mandy I hope you're "nanna" legs have recovered enough for another week of torture!

Selina and Mandy - soup recipe has been posted... hope you like it!

Hi Cathy - gotta love that muscle soreness!! Lucky its a good pain, but I still think we're a bunch of sickos for loving it! Enjoy your new programme!

Jodie I dont know what it is with the elliptical... must be to do with the blood flow somehow... one of life's little mysteries!

Rene - you can count yourself lucky that you dont have an elliptical machine to torture yourself on! Hope you enjoy the recipe!

Hilary xx