Thursday, June 08, 2006


I’m in need of some of that happiness dust today I think!!

Frantic stressed busy crazy long days at work. Lots of * fun * hmmm – lucky I get to go home tomorrow, and stay there for THREE whole days!!!

The gym at the hotel is finally fixed!!! Only got fixed yesterday afternoon, but with working late there was no training for this little duck on Tuesday and Wednesday. I slept terribly last night, but managed to drag my butt out of bed this morning to fit in a fabulous 30 minute jog on the treadmill - I could have gone longer but my ankle started to hurt, and it felt like I needed to crack the joint to make the pain go away, so I thought it best to stop. Then I went back down to the gym tonight and did a makeshift shoulders/tricep/bicep workout, with another 20 minutes cardio on the bike.

Been having a few glasses of red wine and one night had WOOD FIRED PIZZA for dinner. Terrible terrible. Well I have put that behind me now, I’ve been pretty tired so it was hard to resist - I succombed to peer pressure! Tonight I'm having a steak with garden salad and no salad dressing in my room. And drinking water. Arent I good? hehehee its about time!

I dont really have much to report except that I'll be happy to get back to the relative warmth of Brisbane tomorrow! Well at least I know what sort of clothing to bring down next week! Hopefully I can catch up with Lia next week too - how exciting!

Bye for now

Hilary xx


Alicia said...

Hey Hilary,

It is hard to stick to eating on plan when you're away isnt it? Glad to see though that you have put the off-plan eating behind you.

Weather forecast for Brisbane is 22-24 most of the weekend, but its expected to rain! Bugger :D But at least it will be a hell of a lot warmer than Melbourne.


Alicia said...

Just got your comment on my blog....would be great to catch up when you're back in Brisbane....I'll just have to fit you in around my workouts :D xo

jaime-lee said...

yes yes Hilary see what us southern'ers have to put up with THIS DAMN COLD! cause were closer to the ice than you guys.....and i hate it, thats it im coming back with ya! hahaha

Ive had a few wines lately too, mmm and cheese, mmmm and roasted capsicums....mmmm ok thats it!

i better pull my butt into gear, ive got 16weeks as of monday AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHH

little rene said...

I love the happiness fairy! It is sooo hard to stay on an eating plan at any time I find! There are little temptations everywhere! I get so annoyed at myself, promise to be better and then stuff up the next day! Good on you for having the will power to just eat in your room! Have a great weekend and by the way I am very impressed that you can do "man style" push ups! They are my biggest challenge!
rene xxx

Lauren said...

Hey Hilary,

Good to see you've put those few glasses of wine behind you. Its so easy to get hung up over what we shouldn't of had. Whats done is done and now you can get back on track.

Being away from home must not help either, but good decision to eat in your room!

Its freezing here in Perth too, Im waiting for the day my fingers snap off.

Ta care and have a great weekend.

Lia Halsall said...

LOL!! Just love the picture, it's awesome. :o)

Lia xo

Kerry said...

The happiness fairy is fantastic. This year seems to be colder than a lot of others I reckon so don't get too much of a wrong idea about Melbourne. I don't live in Melbourne, it takes me four hours to get there and I live in the warm and sunny Mallee. This year it isn't so warm but it is sunny.
I do have a big house Hilary and a big car to get you around Melbourne in.
Can't wait until July.

Selina said...

I love that fairy looking thing!!!
Enjoy your weekend back home :)

RaeC said...

LMAO!! I loved the Happiness Fairy!! No wonder you are homesick honey, if I lived in Queensland I'd never want to leave either. Don't stress about the wood-fired pizza, they are relatively healthy most of them if they are done on thin pizza base. Just get stuck into it when you get home... what is the good in being alive if you don't live a little???

Love Rae xxx

Jehanne said...

Its almost the weekend!!! Hope you have a very enjoyable relaxing one.

Chontelle said...

How good is a nice glass of red on a cold night??? Hmmmm.... mental note... must cut back (cut out) the red wine!
It is definitely harder to eat on plan in the freezing cold. Salads and water don't seem as appealing as warm comfort foods... at least soups are a saving grace!
Well done on the workout! At least you won't be able to compain about the cold when you get home (well you better not!!!) Maybe we can organise a mass migration to QLD for the winter months!!!!

Ali said...

Must say I agree that that little fellow is cute as a button, think I might have to steal it :) Well you are probably at home by now, have an awesome long weekend, bet your dogs were pleased to see you :)I'm looking forward to July as well

ali xx

Hilary said...

Hi Alicia - thanks for the weather update - how nice was it to have some rain? (and warm temperatures)!! I'll email you once I'm back from my travels about coffee.

Jaime-lee I'm sure you'd love the weather in Brisbane - not much need for a fireplace, but it sure would be nice! 16 weeks to go huh? how exciting!

Thanks Rene, you're right there are food temptations everywhere! Just gotta be strong and say 'no'!

Thanks Lauren, at least I've learned to stop beating myself up over things, I guess we're all still learning!

Glad you like the happiness fairy Lia and Selina!

Kerry I cant wait to meet you in July - not long now! They say every summer that its hotter than ever up here in QLD, I guess you guys get the reverse!!

Thanks Rae, every time I eat off plan I have to remind myself how NOT worth it the food was! But you're right, you gotta live a little!

Thanks Jeh - you too!

Chontelle I agree it is SOOOO hard to eat salads when the weather is freezing! Usually not a prob at home as I can prepare stir-fries, but its a bit hard when you're in a hotel room with no cooking facilities!!

Hi Ali - the dogs were extra pleased to see me, as was my BF!! Good to be home for a few days - hope you have a good one too!

Hilary xx