Monday, June 19, 2006

I love being motivated!!

I'm so motivated at the moment, I love it! We went to a BBQ yesterday, and my goodness you should have seen the spread! I was pretty good though - I drank a diet ginger beer while everyone else was boozing around me, and you should have seen the sweets!! Chocolate mud cake, cheesecake, fruit sponge cake, and huge platter full of assorted chocolates... AND I HAD NONE!! I was so tempted though, I kept feeling my eyes wander over to those chocolates. But I knew that if I even had just one, I would have trouble stopping.

I cooked the best roast chicken last night, the meat just fell off the bone - mmmm mmmm - if I do say so myself!! lol!

Back to my old gym this morning, ah - familiar things! I was surprised that there werent many familiar faces there this morning. I'm a bit of a loner when I train, I dont usually chat to many people, but this morning I barely recognised anybody. Even the staff were new. I've only been gone two weeks! Oh well, I had a ripper of a leg workout, followed by 20 minutes on the cross trainer. Felt so amazing to be back into it!!!!

I've switched to a 3 day training split - I do love weight training 4 days a week, but at this stage I feel like I need to do more cardio, and use the 3 days of weights to try to maintain my muscle mass. So I will do weights + cardio on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and cardio only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.

I love feeling this strong!!


Jadey said...

Hi Hil's, was thinking of you today... Nice to have you home again, nice for you to be home I'll bet! Glad to see you're back into it hon, can't wait to have a coffee AND CAKE! lol

Talk soon xxx

Ali said...

Glad you are back on track, getting home and into familiar routines always helps doesn't it,

Fish and Mustard :) "lol" I won't comment because I have never had it!!

Is it good??

Have an awesome week

Ali xx

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you so motivated Hilary! It is the best feeling isnt it! Bet you felt even better dodging those evil choccies! I love victories like that! Have to say ... was happy to hear that you did not add mustard to your yummy roast chicken ... or did you?!??!?! I have a feeling this week is gonna be a great one!


Lauren said...

Go Hilary! Great to read you are feeling motivated and well done on resisting those naughty foods. Its such an awesome feeling when you know you have resisted temptation.

Andj said...

Hi Hil,
Diet Ginger beer is probably a good thing to drink at a BBQ. At least then you feel as though you 'fit in' with what everyone else is drinking. I've been wanting to try that low carb beer that Splice was talking about for ages but I can't find it anywhere.
Good on you for staying strong at the BBQ.
As for my I think I should just delegate a free day once a month when TTOM come around. LOL.

Tracey said...

Did u say diet ginger beer, omg, it is so addictive, I just love the stuff.

great control hilary, i think you get to a stage when your body tells you that you no longer need to eat all of that stuff & you are just content with having basic foods.

Greet work hilary, you are definately giving me some motivation at the moment

Splice said...

Hi Hilary, missed you heaps :-)
I didnt know about diet ginger beer...very cool, i'll have to get me some of that lol.
You are doing really well, i am so proud of you for not breaking and giving in to temptation at the BBQ. This will only make you stronger.

Selina said...

Hmmm I wish I could say I could be that strong....!!!!!!!!! Well done!!!
Still have to get me some of that mustard, I feel like I'm missing out!!!
Gotta love ripper sessions, nothing feels better than legs that can hardly move from DOMS the next day!!
Enjoy the rest of your busy week!

little rene said...

Go Hilary, you sound pumped! It is such anawesome feeling, I hope it lasts all week for you! have a good one,

Andj said...

Did you know you can get diet ginger beer cordial at some tonight hope it is yum!

Amy said...

Hi Hilary- So good to see you are feeling better and 100% motivated. It is so good to see. I'm the same when it comes to sweets- if I have one I can't stop so its better to have none at all.
Love Amy

Jehanne said...

Welcome, Its always good to be back in familiar surroundings hey!

Hilary said...

Jadey, coffee and cake sounds great! Cant wait!

Hi Ali, yes being home really makes a difference... and mustard on fish really does taste good!!

Mandy I have to say that yes I did add mustard to my roast chicken!! It was the best!! And you do feel so much better for saying no to those temptations - makes you feel strong. Have a great one!

Thanks Lauren, its a great feeling to be so motivated. Its been a while!

Andj you will have to let me know if you can find that low carb beer - I'd love to give it a try too, although I'm not a big beer drinker. I'll have to have a look at my local bottle shop. And when it comes to TTOTM I usually feel like having a free WEEK lol! Stupid hormones! How cool that you can get diet ginger beer cordial... will have to keep an eye out for this as well.

Tracey how good is the Diet Ginger Beer? I love it too, and I find it so filling. Like Andj says its good to drink at BBQ's because you still feel like you're drinking SOMETHING (other than water) - and it does have the word 'beer' in it!!

Hi Splice, thanks! I do feel strong this week - and you must try the diet ginger beer! Yummo!

Selina I love muscle soreness, but today I have to keep asking myself "why do I love this feeling?"!!!! Walking is no fun today!

Thanks Rene - so far so good! I'm hoping to stretch out this motivation for as long as I can!!

Amy isn't it terrible when you say to yourself "I'll just have one" and it turns you into a sugar junkie! I feel like I'm so sensitive to sugar that I reckon its best to stay away altogether.

Thanks Jeh - I'm loving being back home. Although its been raining in Brissie it makes it so comfy and snuggly in my COMFY bed! And my babies (the furry kind) like it when I'm home, they get lots of attention!