Sunday, June 11, 2006

No work tomorrow!!!!!

Thank goodness for public holidays! Three days at home before I head back down to Melbourne for week two! Niiiiiiiiice...

After a terrible week in terms of sleeping, I have been having a weekend of catching up. Friday night I got 9 hours, and last night I got 11 hours sleep!!!!! Thing is, I still feel tired. BF reckons I've overslept, but I'm not sure. I think I need more. There is nothing like coming home to your own pillow and mattress (with electric blanket) - never want to leave it!!

We've done a little bit to the house this weekend (decorating-wise), and tonight we're having a barbeque. We've stayed in and had home cooked meals this weekend, because I'm so sick of eating restaraunt meals!! (you never think you'll say that, but when you've eaten restaraunt food or take-away for lunch and dinner for a week or two, you change your mind pretty quick!)

BF got up yesterday morning and made me breakfast in bed (eggs on toast). Isn't he lovely!

This weekend I have bought myself a pair of black ankle boots, a new jumper and some new gloves to wear in Melbourne. Also I am planning on doing much more exercise than last week, and making much better food choices.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!


Andj said...

Sometimes it is good to just have lots of sleep - I definitely hear you on that.
Have a fun but cold week in Melbourne Hilary.
We will have to organise that catch up soon.

little rene said...

Hey Hilary,
I love sleeping in my own bed as well, there is nothing like it! Pop by my blog if you get time and give me some tips for how to lose maximum amount of weight in 4 weeks? I appreciate any tips!

little rene said...

Hey Hilary,
Glad the BF is spoiling you! Pop by my blog if you get a chance and give me your tips for how to lose the maximum amount of weight possible in 4 weeks! I need help!
love renexxx

Michelle said...

There's NOTHING like coming home to your own bed and kitchen!!

Travel is nice - but only in small amounts!!

Enjoy your Holiday!

- Michelle

(I thought of you last night while I was topping my grilled turkey with mustard - LOL)

Jodi said...

I was laughing my head off when I saw the friggin happiness post!!!! That was really weird because I think I posted the same day about happiness on my blog!!!! (didn't copy you!!) I can not believe how many times I have gone to ask something or post something to find out someone has had the same thought!!!! It happens all the time - everyone must be like minded!!

Must be REALLY hard to travel and try to eat clean and fit in your training, poor thing, I don't envy that!

You sound very lucky to get breakky in bed!!!! I don't think I have ever had breakky in bed!!!

I can sympathise on the sleeping thing, my little girl has been sick the last 3 nights so I haven't slept it feels like in days!!!

Hope your back to normal soon!

jodie said...

Hello Hilary!!
I totally agree about the eating out bit, you do get tired of it real quick. After almost 7 weeks of it in the USA you can imagine how tired I was of it. Arrghh home cooked meals, nothing like it. Oh nothing like your own bed and pillow too. Hope Melbourne isn't too chilly for you this week. Take care - Jodie xx

Jadey said...

Hey honey, sounds like you are enjoying freezing melbourne! lol I love decorating, if only we have the moolah to do some more I would sooo be there! Hope you aren't getting toooo home sick being away! Can't wait to catch up, I was in Brissy today too darn it! Next time!

Jadey xx

Selina said...

Wow, 11 hours sleep, that's a marathon!!!! That musta felt grrrrrrrrrreat!!!!
I'm hearing ya on the home cooked meals as well, sounds weird to just want steamed veges, thats it!
Enjoy week 2 in Melbourne!

CJ said...

Hi Hilary
Saw you in the New You magazine I had lying around at home - can I say you look awesome. As i'm halfway through my first IBO program I need all the motivation I can get!

Hilary said...

Hi Andj – yes it was heavenly to get so much sleep! Wish I could do that more often. We will definetely have to catch up soon.

Michelle I am sooo looking forward to coming back to my own bed this Friday. Enjoy that mustard… I havent had any for two weeks!

Thanks Rene – will drop by your blog soon!

Jodi I have the same thing too with blogging – there seems to be a general theme running through blogs at any one time – spooky! Travelling + eating clean and training can be easy – if you’ve got the right mindset… sometimes I don’t!! Hope your little girl is feeling better.

Jodie – I don’t envy you with 7 weeks of eating out – how good did that first home-cooked meal taste?!! Cant wait to have a salad the way that I make it.

Hi Jadey, you’re right, home decorating is much more fun when you don’t have to count the cost! We try to do the best we can on a small budget. Not too home sick – only a few more days to go!

Selina I couldn’t agree more on the home cooked meals and steamed veges. If you don’t have it for a few days you tend to crave it… how good is that?!

Hi CJ – thanks so much for the comment! I find reading all those before and after stories so inspiring, maybe we’ll be reading yours one day soon?