Monday, June 05, 2006

*Waving* from Melbourne!!

Its chilly in Melbourne!!

A whole bunch of us from my company from all over Australia arrived at Melbourne airport on Sunday night – it was like a big reunion!! I got up this morning to get to the hotel gym for 5.30am… managed to fit in half an hour of cardio to start the day – woohoo!. Had to be at the office by 7am (and its still DARK at 7am – What the…!?)

Finished work at about 5.30pm (a long day for me!! – eyes hanging out of my head. Lol!), headed back to the hotel, got changed ready for a weights workout… got to the gym… all the lights are out and theres a sign out the front saying “THIS AREA CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE”. Again – What the… ?!!! So the hotel manager says they’ve had a whole bunch of power blow in the gym today. Definetely wont be fixed until tomorrow evening, at the earliest. Grrrrrrrrrrr

So, all dressed up and no-where to work out! Headed back to my room to do push ups and sit ups. Oh well – its better than nothing I guess. I’m quite chuffed with myself too that I managed to do 4 sets of ‘mens’ push ups, 1x15, 1x13, 1x10 and 1x9 reps. I had no idea I could do that many, so I’m quite pleased with that!!

Because the gym wont be open in the morning, I get a sleep-in tomorrow. Dont have to get up til 6am!! ha - not much of a sleep in!

AND… I’ve been so good today with food and water! Normally when its cold I don’t want to drink so much water because I want to avoid the COLD TOILET SEAT!! Hehehee – but I am making myself drink it – don’t want to wind up dehydrated. I’ve brought my oats with me for breakfast, and I’ve got my protein powder for shakes, rice cakes, protein bars… lunches are salads with beef or chicken.

Thats about it so far - I'm missing home and my lovely boy, dogs, cat, electric blanket etc, but I'm sure this week will fly and I will be home before I know it.

Time to go read some blogs!


Alicia said...

Ah the good old dark Melbourne mornings - something I definitely do not miss whatsoever! Glad to hear that you have planned and taken everything you need with you to Melbourne. Its just too tempting otherwise. Bugger about the gym being shut though. That would totally throw me as well.


Sue Heintze said...

Hi Hils! Yeah just a bit dark and cold down South :) I'm a bit slow on the cravings post but I'm with you - your hormones DEFINITELY play a big part. I had a coach once (not for very long) who told me that cravings were learned ie if when you were a child your mum gave you green beans when you were upset or feeling down, then you would crave green beans now, rather than chocolate (or whatever). Did you guess that this coach was a male?? Hmmm....

Bella said...

hi hilary! you crack me up - cold toilet seats are the worst!! lol. carvings are crap - whenever i get them i drink a bottle of soda/spakling mineral water - and i find this really helps. i also have some dandelion tea which has a slightly sweet taste - but fills you up nicely. i buy the symmingtons dandellion tea at the supermarket. im not sure if you are eating protein powders/bars but i found when i used to eat them - they gave me BAD cravings - remember they are pumped with chemicals and sometimes youre body gets confused by it all - eat clean and drink plenty of water. hope all this helps x

Jadey said...

Hey Hilary, I was thinking of you going to Melbourne after we last caught up... How cold must it be!!! WOW - the digital camera sounds cool, yeah, one that fits in your handbag is a great idea, mine are so big, they need a suitcase of their own just about! LMTO! I know what you're saying about cravings but you'll find, if you ignore them and just do something else, stop thinking about them, they'll go away! Like Bella said, drink heaps of water and then focus on what a strong person you are for not giving in!! It's a journey, you're doing fabulous... We'll have to catch up soon! Call me when you get back, have an awesome time in chilly Melbourne! I'll be there soon with you! Jadey xxx

Jodi said...

I'm with you on the water thing Hilary, if I don't do cardio in the morning I am always a litre behind during the day in winter. You still doing something whilst in the hotel - that's a good thing!!! See how good you have become that you can manage to do something even though the odds are stacked against you!

Chontelle said...

Hey well done on the "blokes" push ups! They are hard! And good effort on adjusting to your circumstances... you are a great inspiration!

Lia Halsall said...

Would love to catch up for coffee whilst you're here. Email me your number and we'll go from there Hilary. :o)

Lia xx

Jehanne said...

Bugger about the gym, good to hear that you never let a little thing like that stop you from achieving your goals!!!

Kaddy said...

hey hills - ditto with bella on the protein bars - i've gone from a diet (which i was on for about 9 months) where i consumed a lot of processed foods ie protein bars/shakes and cottage cheese etc and used to crave A LOT - n

ow (following my new coaches instructions, for about the passed 6 months) i only eat real food which is unprocessed all and my body reacts so much better for it! No bloating, gas and minim al cravinbgs!sometimes i feel like different things - so i might have a bit - and i think that the total key is to have everything in moderation and not obsess over bad choices - it just gives you a headache :)

Funnily enough - my coach also said that cravings were learned, which made me put 2 things together! When i crave the things i genereally do crave are connected to times i felt good ie if i feel a bit down guaranteed it will be hazelnut choc i crave, now this is because when we were kids mum used to cuddle up with me, my sister and my brother and we'd all share hazlenut choc... i realised what i was craving was not the choc but my family, so now instead of eating i'll call one of them! It's a nice way of staying away from crap food.

Sometimes, just pausing and examining what you're craving can make a huge difference.... ohh... and i like the soda / minertal water thing too

GL Hills ! and BTW CONGRATS on the mens pushups very impressed!

Kaddy said...
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Antigone said...

Welcome to my world hun, i have been waking up to the dark and lots of ice on the footpaths!!! freeezing weather lately:)
Good to hear you didn't let the closed gym bugger you up and talk about huge effort with the pushups!!!!

Bella said...

hello again - was planning to gate crash your coffee with lia - but have to work away - so you will just have to try and get through the next 6 weeks until you see me again! ;-) um - how FREAKING FREEZING is it here - i cant imagine you are coping very well/at all!!! aaaghr!

Bella said...
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Selina said...

LOL at the cold toilet seat!!! Us Qld'ers really can't complain about the cold can we, coz when down south that's REALLY REALLY cold!!
Damn the gym being closed, but good for you staying so determined when away :)
Nothing better than hotel room programs hee hee

Hilary said...

Hi Alicia - thanks - these dark mornings are hard to get used to!

Sue I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gives in to hormones. I dont seem to crave any specific food - just seems to be sugar or salt!!

Thanks Bella - I will have to try this dandelion tea. I love my jasmine green tea, I'm a bit of a 'tea-a-holic' actually, every week I buy a different flavour!

Jadey I cant wait to get my new camera. The final straw for me was when we went for coffee and my camera wouldn't take that photo... grrrrr. Will call you when I'm back from my Melbourne jaunts...

Thanks Jodi and Chontelle, well I was dressed to do a workout, so it seemed like a logical thing to do!

Lia I have emailed you, I will check that I have the right email address and try again.

Thanks Jeh!

Kat I hear you on the processed foods... after last week's efforts I feel a bit yuk. Some things just dont agree with the body! Great tactic to avoid the chocolate!

Hi Em - the icy mornings are a bit of a rude shock actually! its nice to experience a bit of winter though!

Bella I would have loved to catch up with you again, but ah well I will just have to patiently wait til July!! Not long now!

Hi Selina - yes those cold toilet seats are the worst arent they? You wouldn't get that much up your way!