Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Surgery Story Chapter Two...

I can see!!! I can SEE!!!!!

My left implantable contact lens procedure went really well on Monday, all my positive thinking must have paid off!

When I had my pre-op chat with my anaesthatist, I told her how last time the anaesthetic was the most fun part of the day (cos I got to see all those pretty lights!). She laughed, and then said that most people find that the second time around the drug doesn't work QUITE as well as the first time, and that I may find that I'll be a lot more "aware" during this second operation. UH-OH! Thats when I started to worry a bit... I didn't want to remember ANY of it!

When I got taken in the be prepped for theatre, the nurse there was the same one I had last time. She put gel in my eye and then said "Do you remember this from last time?".... "No..." I said. Then she put the electrode stickers on my chest and arms, and said "Do you remember THIS from last time?"... "No!!!" I said. LOL! She said that last time I was chatting away to them just before the op, I dont remember any of this!!!! I thought it was pretty funny.

Then I was given the drugs, and I got wheeled into the theatre. I was aware for quite a few minutes... I remember lying there looking left and right at all the equipment that was surrounding me. I wasn't afraid, more like interested. I think I blanked out for a while, but I came to with a bit of a start by feeling my eye being tugged around. Like I could feel movement, and the sensation of being poked and prodded, but I wasn't totally with it. From what seemed like a long way away I could hear my surgeon saying "Look up..... look down...." and I could feel my eye doing the things he said, but in the back of my mind I was thinking "Is he talking to ME???" (like, who else would he be talking to??!!!!!)

As soon as I got to recovery I laid right back, since this seemed to help last time. I stayed there for an hour before they tested my pressure, and then the nurse couldn't get the device to work properly, so we werent sure how it was going. I certainly felt fine, no pain, no headaches. My surgeon came for a look and said no, the pressure was high, so they gave me a tablet and put me on a drip. OMG the drip was horrible, the liquid was ice cold and it made my whole arm numb. The anaesthatist came and said that this drip would suck all the fluid out of my body (including my eye) so I might feel like I need to go to the toilet really soon... she said "You'll be fine, just cross your legs!!". Meanwhile I watched about 10 people arrive in recovery, and leave before me.... grrrrr very frustrating!

Anyway, 4 hours after surgery I was allowed to go home. Still a long time, but at least the pressure came down and I had no pressure headaches at all. I couldn't see a thing out of my eye that night, it was like someone had smeared a thick layer of vaseline all over my eye, it was worse than before the op.

Yesterday I went to see my surgeon again, and I couldnt believe it but I COULD READ THE BOTTOM LINE OF THE CHART!!!! I let out a little "WOOP!" at that!!! Everything is crystal clear and I cannot wipe the grin off my face, couldn't believe it - 24 hours after surgery I am CURED!! LOL slight exaggeration but I just cant get over how amazing it feels to be able to see, without any glasses or contact lenses!!

And now I get to relax at home with the rest of the week off work... hope everyone else is having as good a week as I am!


bev said...

I had this surgery done too about a year ago.It is so freeing not to take glasses with you for shopping or reading anything anywhere.You wont regret it.


Splice said...

What, no pretty lights this time around??? lol
I loved reading your post, you always crack me up.
Im glad all is well now.

Kaddy said...

YAY for you!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hils you give SO much to everyone... always encouraging with good things to say... i am SO happy this worked out for you!

take care
happy recovery!


Andj said...

Hi Hils,
Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog.
That is exciting news for you about reading the bottom line - it makes it all worth while doesn't it.
Its pretty cool that we can compare notes about wedding stuff now - not that I am planning on planning anything anytime soon!
Great news all around!

Kelly said...

Congrats on your eye sight. It must be so exciting for you to to have to wear glasses. So is that it, no more glasses for any reason? Oooo... and no more scary op stories for now:)

Michelle said...

Ooooo - that story had me a bit nervous for you!

All is well in the end!


Nat said...

My eyes are watering after reading that, at least they didnt have to release the pressure the same ways as last time.. ouch

Congrat for being so brave!

Selina said...

How good that must feel!!!!! Enjoy your new eyes and your time off this week!!!

Shar said...

So glad it went well for your this time!!
It must be great to have no glasses or contacts.

Have a good week
Shar x

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy everything worked out for you honey! Thanks for your comments and checking in on me during what was one of the hardest times in my life. I'll take a few updated pics tomorrow and write a big post on how things are going. My bodyblitz ends in 2 days!!

Thanks again for your friendship and support. I missed all you guys and am so glad to be back!!

X hillary

LizN said...

That is awesome Hilary. I will never forget getting up and being able to see after my op.

Liz ;)