Friday, May 04, 2007


I've had the most incredible yearning for pork ribs over the last 3 weeks or so... mmmmm falling off the bone and dripping with BBQ sauce, yum... each time I've had red meat I've thought to myself "Jeez I wish I was having ribs" so I am stoked to be finally going to go out for some on Saturday night!  I am going to savour every mouthful!

There's not really been a lot going on for me lately, and I scaled back my training this week so not much to report there either.  However I am very excited to report that I did a weights session this morning!!!!  I know I was meant to wait 3 weeks after the eye op, but hey, C'mon, its ALMOST 3 weeks isn't it???  No seriously, I didn't go too crazy, I was very conscious of not lifting so heavy that my eyeballs were popping out of their sockets or anything hehehe!  BUT it was so nice to be back in the weights room, and very happy to see that I still have some muscle left, although they ARE looking a little smaller and 'softer' than before.  So it was shoulders/bi's/tri's this morning followed by abs and 20 minutes on the cross trainer - looking forward to some sore arms tomorrow.

I've got all of next week to hit it hard at the gym until the following Monday, when I get my left eye done... then 3 more weeks of "gentle walking and no weights"  boo hiss  :((    Anyway, the plan is to do a really kick-arse leg session this Monday, so that by the following Monday my legs will be recovered enough.  You dont want to have eye surgery AND leg DOMS - that will just complicate things too much!!!

A funny thing happened to me today... I ate cottage cheese and I liked it.  I had the Bulla low fat one which has chives or something in it, spread it over a couple of plain rice cakes and topped it with chopped tomato -and I actually really enjoyed it!  Wonders will never cease!

Well anyway, this is a long weekend for Queensland as its Labour Day on Monday - so 3 days of sleeping in for me - yeeeeeehah!  Have a great one everyone!


Rachel said...

I have NEVER tried ribs! No reason, I guess have never had the opportunity. Just thought I'd make that confession LOL Have a great long weekend!

Magda said...

I like a girl who plans all her training around life's necessities (eg your next eye op). Nothing like getting in whatever you can, whenever you can :-)



Michelle said...

Great you are back lifting again!

Enjoy your Holiday!

XX - Michelle

Janew said...

Yay for getting back in the gym :)
keep up the good work!!

jane xo

ps..hope you enjoyed your ribs!!

Selina said...

Hey Hils!!
I've never tried ribs either!!! So i don't know what i'm missing!!
So you eye's going all good?? At least u know what to expect next time, although I hope you don't have the nasty after-effects again!!!!
I'm loving this long weekend too... ahhh sleep-ins

jodie said...

Hope you had a lovely long weekend. Should be more of them!

Ali said...

GREAT to hear that you are so much better and now able to get back to the gym, Hope the ribs were good!!

Ali xxx