Thursday, May 24, 2007

One foot in front of the other

Brrrr I have not been wanting to get out of bed these last couple of days, we're finally getting some cool weather YAY~!  These last couple of weeks I had become a bit sporadic with my routine of getting up and going to gym, so I feel a bit like I've got to create the habit again... and as usual the body and mind are protesting a bit!  A few more weeks of getting up at 5am will see me right, and I wont have to think about it anymore.

Some tricks I use to get myself out of bed on a cool dark morning:

Self talk:

"If you dont get up and go to gym, you have to get up and do housework instead"  (hmmm... gym or housework, I know which one I prefer!!  I'm good at making deals with myself!)

"Who do you want to be today, the old me, or the NEW me???"

or my favourites...

"Just get up you lazy sh!t!!!!"
"GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP GET UP" etc until I drive myself crazy and get up.


Sometimes I deliberately park my car behind OH's, then I have to get up and go to gym otherwise I block him in and make him late for work.

Alternatively I ask OH to turn the bedroom light on when he gets up (usually 5 minutes before me), so then there is NO excuse!

Put the alarm clock out of reach, so I have to get out of bed to switch it off.  Usually the other side of the room is good, unless you make the mistake of jumping straight back in bed - then its all over!!

Make promises to the dogs that I WILL walk them in the morning... I actually sit down, look them in the eye and promise them.  There is then NO WAY that I can look at their happy faces and break that promise!

Anyway, just over a week until I can up the intensity, and I cant wait!   Plain old steady state cardio gets a bit old when its all you can do for a couple of weeks!  I want my shoulders back!!!!

Til next time...


little rene said...

God I LAUGHED when I read this Posy Hilary!
That sounds like my self talk every morning!
When I use my mobile phone alarm I have named it "Wake Up Fatty!" I crack up whenever it goes off and flashes at me :)

little rene said...

Oooops! I meant "post" not posy!

Magda said...

What a great post Hilary,

I can well relate to it. My motivator is picturing myself walking out onto the stage with my fat thighs rubbing together and my bum wobbling like a huge plate of jello. Picturing that, I jump out of bed and get cracking.

Cheers Magda

Mel said...

HAHA - I loved this post!

I will definately have to use some of your self talk....


Selina said...

LOL!!! I must admit your efforts are a lot better than mine!!!
I drag my sorry butt outta bed at 4.30am 4 days a week for work... but get me out of bed even at 5.30am to do something for me... slim chance!!! LOL
I use "you will soooo hate yourself this afternoon coz you didn't go for your run" or "you'll know how much better you'll feel"... It's no probs when I'm meeting up with friends for the run, i just can't do it myself!! LOL
"But I really need a sleep-in to let my body rest" usually wins. HA!!

LizN said...

I know the feeling Hilary. Here's another one for you. Before you get out of bed, drink 2 glasses of water. You'll have to get up to go to the bathroom, so you may as well go to the gym!


Rebecca said...

It is sooo hard waking up these days Hilary, I can so relate. It sounds as though you have it under control with all those positive affirmations though!

I am so happy that your second eye operation went well. Just think, no more contact lenses or glasses. Wow.

Congrats on starting a new challenge :)

Have a fab weekend

jodie said...

Great post Hils, I can really relate on those days when it is so nice to stay in bed. Someone said getting out of bed at that hour is like taking off a bandaid, just gotta do it quick and not think about it. So true!

Ali said...

I too can relate to how hard sometimes it is to get out of bed in winter to go to the gym, Often my car is covered in ice and I have to get that off before I even get into it. (Good ole ACT) That occurred for the first time last week for this winter hehe

Take care and enjoy your week