Monday, May 28, 2007

A post about nothing...

Well I've had another uneventful weekend!   On Saturday I got up and took the pooches for a BIG walk, and when I got back I jumped on the treadmill for another 15 minutes on incline (oh yeah - did I mention that we're "babysitting" a treadmill for a few months?  How cool is that!)  And now I've got freakin' shin splints!   Yeouch every time I move, walk, drive the car etc the outside of my shins hurt... last night I had a bag of frozen veges on my right shin, and a frozen breadroll on the left (note to self: must buy some cold packs) but I dont think it helped.  Not sure how I hurt them, maybe I need new shoes again.

I'm going to a baby shower next Saturday, so I went and bought a bunch of baby goodies.  This is getting freaky... I actually ENJOY browsing in the baby department now.  I spent about half an hour deciding what to get, those little booties and bibs are so cute!  Then when I get home I have to do show-and-tell with OH, displaying everything I bought... he seems to get a kick out of it though!   But I have to admit, I really dislike going to baby showers... seriously, a bunch of women going "ooooh" and "ahhhhh" everytime a present is opened??   I'm hoping there'll be alcohol there so I can make it through... hehehe

Cooked up a storm yesterday, prepared all my lunches for the week, and some of OH's as well.  I am chuffed to have gotten through this hormonal week without eating off plan, normally I want to eat the house clean of sugar... but not this month.  I even have ice cream in my freezer at the moment (a rare occurrance) and it will not get touched until next free meal... promise!!! 

Tomorrow morning I'm going to do another Body Balance class, that should be a nice and relaxing way to start a Tuesday.  At least it breaks up the monotony of the steady state cardio. 

Have a great week!


Splice said...

Hey Hils!
You've just been tagged. Goto my blog to find out more.


Kerry said...

I don't like those girly things either.
Kitchen Teas, baby showers etc are all really painful and to be avoided like the plague.


Kelly said...

How do you find Body Balance Hilary? I had my first class yesterday and I am so sore from it as well as a lot of other training too. I expected it to be more about stretching, but my muscles shook! I will persit though!

Hilds said...

Sounds like you may be getting a little clucky!!!! (he he). Glad you made it through the week ok, I struggled and did eat the house out of sugar!!!!

Magda said...

Hi Hilary,

I've tagged you. Please check my blog.

Cheers Magda