Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers' Day to all the beautiful mums out there! I spent today with mum and dad and had a lovely relaxing day myself, even though I'm not a mum (well you cant really count fur-kids can you?)!

Not a lot to report this week, and I've not had much chance to blog either.

I got home on Tuesday afternoon to find that I no longer have a bedroom. My OH (who's a carpenter) has had a few days off this week, so he's gotten stuck into the renovations BIG time. So he demolished the bedroom - serioulsy, it looks like one of those places that got hit by a cyclone or something. The walls are missing and have been replaced by silver paper, half the floor is gone, and parts of new walls have been semi-constructed. I'm envisioning spiders, snakes and possums making themselves at home before we move back in. Anyway, because its in this state we definetely cant sleep there, so we moved the mattress out into one of the spare rooms. This spare room was actually the cat's 'bedroom' prior to us moving in this week, so you can imagine how annoyed poor Connor is at being chucked out of his room!

So with the change into a small bedroom, less than adequte curtains, a disgruntled and whingey cat, lots of road noise, plus a million things zooming through my mind, I got 2 hours sleep on Tuesday night. I did not get up and go to gym Wednesday morning because I barely had the energy to lift my body out of bed, so I figured that if I tried to lift weights then I would be more than likely to drop a dumbell on my head or something.

The last few nights have had similar scenarios, with both of us tossing and turning and unable to sleep. Friday morning I managed to make it to gym, got through a fairly pathetic shoulder/bicep session and then skipped the cardio and headed straight back home. I need some sleep. I'm actually looking forward to having this eye operation on Monday, because it means that I will be able to have 5 days of sleeping in next week!

Despite all this I have had some really good sore muscles this week, in fact I am still having trouble stretching my arms out horizontally due to suuuuuper sore chest muscles from Tuesday! My shoulders are sore from Friday's workout (which surprises me as I didn't go as hard as I would have liked). I tried a new exercise courtesey of an Elaine Goodlad Oxygen mag article, and the front of my shoulders are nicely sore. Will have to keep that one.

Anyway we are off to a Mothers' Day dinner tonight with OH's family, and then tomorrow I'm off to get my left eye chopped open... wish me luck!!!


Hilds said...

Hi Hilary good luck with your eye operation I hope it goes really well! Make sure you take it easy next week and enjoy the rest while you can!

Michelle said...

MORE construction!

First the kitchen - now the bedroom!!

Good Luck!

Xx - Michelle

Rachel said...

I hope all went well today Hilary xoxo

Ali said...

I hope everything went very smoothly and well with your eye operation, take care of yourself