Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Back into it

Another busy week! As of Monday I have started another challenge, a 14 week fitness challenge. I chose 14 weeks because for the first two weeks I'm only allowed to do light cardio, so rather than just meander for the next two weeks I thought I'd get stuck in.

So I have written up my new goals and took my before pics and measurements on Sunday *shudder* and have been doing some light/moderate cardio each day. My focus is eating on plan and drinking my 3 litres of water, and I feel great. After these first two weeks are up then I'll be ramping up the cardio intensity and adding weight training back in. I miss it!

Went shopping at Lorna Jane on Saturday and tried on a few things, but ended up only buying a couple of singlets. I loved the 3/4 length pants, but when I tried them on I didn't like how I looked in the mirror, so I decided that this is what I will buy at the end of my challenge when I reach my goals! Something to strive for!

Went out for a work dinner last night and was very pleased with myself that not a drop of alcohol passed my lips - especially since everyone else was drinking. I nursed a very flat diet coke all night and made a not-too-bad choice for my meal. And unfortunately, though it was an early night (got home by 9pm) I just wasn't tired and couldn't sleep again! Thats the trouble with going out on a school night! So now I'm very tired, and in need of a coffee!

Have a great week!


Janew said...

Hi Hilary, sounds like you have a great plan there!! Good luck over the next 14 weeks...not that you'll need it :)

jane xo

Kristy said...

Yep before photos and measurements always hurts, but at least that's the last time you will see those numbers. Good luck and take care


Kaddy said...

YAY go hils! good luck with your fitness challenge! hope ur rippin in no time!!

ps well done on the diet coke choice! it too is my choice of non alcoholic beverage when i socialise without alcohol... i find i am relieved to leave early when i dont drink, when everyone else gets to the pont when they're a bit drunk it makes no sense to be there ppl just begin to make no sense :) and i think.... god im usually like that :) lol