Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Where did my strength go?

Back into full-on training this week, and it feels great!  Yesterday morning I did a cycle class.  OMG it hurt!  I kept saying that I must have got the "hard" bike (you know how some bikes seem harder than others) and my legs were burning, but soooo good to sweat so hard!  Then yesterday afternoon I got home and walked the dogs.

This morning I did weights for the first time in 6 weeks - where did my strength go????  I deliberately scaled back the weights I was using cos I knew I would have lost some strength, but I did not realise just how much strength I'd lost.  Felt like I was using baby weights!  Today was back and biceps - and I think I'm gonna be sore tomorrow!!  (cant wait actually!).  After weights I did 20 minutes interval cardio on the Cross Trainer.

Food is spot on - and I'm feeling good.  I've switched to using Calorie King instead of Fitday, and I'm finding it heaps easier because all the Aussie brands are there.  Anyway today I thought I'd give Cottage Cheese another go... I keep trying to like it, but I'm afraid its just not working.  Today I had cottage cheese mixed with a packet of Splenda, cinnamon and chopped up pieces of apple.  It was ok to start with, but the more I ate the more I wanted to gag.  YUK!   Cottage Cheese and I are never going to see eye to eye, so I think I'll just stop now.

Yesterday I took my measurements and skinfolds.  I was absolutely horrified by my bodyfat %, its gone up 5% in 6 weeks - ouch!  Never fear, it wont be there for long!  Funny thing is that I seem to have put the weight on in places that I dont normally... like my boobs.  :)~   My other half is quite chuffed!

Thought for the day:  Dont eat lunch at your desk if you are a messy eater - I speak from experience and have ended up with mustard all over my mouse "roller"...


RaeC said...

YAY!! Doesn't it feel fantastic to get back into training when you've had some time off... you just can't wipe the silly grin off your face and most of the people in the gym think you're nuts!!

You'll have the extra fat off and the strength back in no time at all hon!! Great to see you're going to PHAT camp... you'll love it!!

Keep at it hon xxx

PS. Loved the thought of the day... LMAO!!

Shar said...

Hey Hilary
Good to see your back at it. Glad you "enjoyed' your cycle class!! :)

Have a good week
Shar :)

Kerry said...

Two things Hils,
I love your new blog and
I'm with you on the cottage cheese. I don't know how the others get all excited by it.

LizN said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about getting the "hard" bike. One of our instructing bikes used to be a real clunker!

Liz ;)

Janew said...

Hello :) thats great you are back into your weights,you'll get your strength back in no time...along with great results :-D
Dont worry I dont really like cttage cheese either..to lumpy and runny at the sametime! But you should try ricotta cheese(low fat) its smooth and like pudding when you mix protein powder into it!! for a treat ill have that and some blue berries mixed in also!YUM :)

keep up the great work!!

Jane :)

Splice said...

Hi Hilary!
Your on track, great stuff :-)
I just can't stop laughing about how hard it must have been to clean your mouse lol.
Take care.
P.s. Your blog looks awesome!

Ali said...

Great that you are back into training and yes before you know it you will have your strength back plus more.

Aewsome about PHAT camp you will love it!!


K said...

I completley sympathise with the cottage cheese thing - I just cannot bring myself to like it! Dont know what it is! Stick to yummier protein...
You will get that extra bf off in no time! And I am not surprised at your other half being chuffed about weight going on in the chest area! So typical a male reaction, huh!! :o) LOL


Michelle said...

Another blog gets a face lift - my jealousy continues!!!!

I just picked a piece of lettuce out of my keyboard - your post is "spot on"!

Xx - Michelle

Hilary said...

Thanks Rae, it IS a great feeling getting stuck back in at the gym - cant say I was grinning during my training though - it was more like a grimmace!

Shar those cycle classes always seem so painful at the time, but afterwards its like "ahhhh"! Gotta love that!

Kerry I'm glad I'm not the only one who cant do cottage cheese... so many people rave on about it, I thought I must be the only one who couldn't stomach it. I try and try and try, and nope, still dont like it!

Liz I think that "hard" bike follows me around the cycle room! No actually, I prefer the hard bike - you feel like you get a better workout. Must be tough trying to conduct a class on a hard bike though!

Thanks Jane I'll have to give that ricotta cheese a go sometime. I actually dont mind the smooth cottage cheese, but you cant seem to buy it anymore, and it takes FOREVER to blend the lumpy stuff up.

Deb the mouse roller was a bit messy to clean, especially since I didn't notice it was there until AFTER the scrolling began! LOL!

Thanks Ali, hopefully it wont take long to be strong again - judging by my DOMS I am very out-of-shape!

K I'm gonna work hard to get that Bodyfat off in record time - watch this space!! Good to hear that you're another one in the "I dont like cottage cheese" club!

LOL Michelle - its an occupational hazzard!