Friday, February 16, 2007

Is it just me?

... or does everybody else feel like a wet rag at the end of the week?  By Thursday morning I am usually absolutely shattered, super tired and very little energy, and Friday is just a struggle to get out of bed!  A lot of it is to do with lack of sleep during the week - the last two nights I've only gotten about 5 hours sleep each night.  Unfortunately that's pretty normal.  That's why I need the weekends to catch up on rest.  How perfect would it be to work Monday to Wednesday, then have 4 days off???  For the same money???  Dream on.... :)

So our ring shopping was successful!  Not a bad Valentines present huh?  But because my fingers are so skinny we have to have it made (ring finger is a size H - yeah I have 'skeleton-fingers'!!!).  Anyway, its white gold with a princess cut diamond and little stones dotted down each side - and I have to wait 2-3 weeks!  I sooooo wanted to take it home with me right then and there!  Dont worry, as soon as its firmly on my finger I will post a photo.  Cant wait!

Yesterday morning I did Body Attack - happily my stamina is improving fairly quickly and while I still left with a beetroot face, I wasnt about to collapse on the floor either!  This morning I dragged my sorry arse out of bed and did a step class too - every little bit helps!

Freaked out a little bit this week as I found out that I have to have a little pre-eye-op laser surgery - in two weeks.  I had forgotten about this (conveniently) so it was a bit of a shock this week to realise that I'm going to have two "iridotomies" holes lasered into both iris' on the 1st of March.  These are kind of 'drainage' holes to relieve any pressure build up I might get in my eyes after the REAL operation.   I have even started to think about backing out of the surgery, but I'm sure this is a normal nervous reaction!  I just have to keep reminding myself how amazing its going to be to throw away my glasses and contact lenses after its all over!

Happy Friday everyone!


Selina said...

Hey Hils, catching up on all your posts!!!
I was laughing at your soreness from training again, I think we all know what that feels like!!!
Won't take long to get back to where you were though :)
Your description of that eye thingy you're going through put me off ever wanting too!!!! I'll stick to my contacts thanks!!! lol
Can't wait to see your ring pic too :)

Shar said...

As soon as you can get a photo, post it! I'm a sucker for all things romantic!
You still sound like your enjoying your classes, I love teaching them although I'm not such a good participant :)
God luck with all things eye related :)
Shar x

jodie said...

ooohhh can't wait to see the bling!!!! It sounds gorgeous, and I am sure it will look stunning on your elegant (note: NOT skeleton!) hand.

Di Broeren said...

LOVE your taste....mines white gold princess cut as well!

Chontelle said...

Oooh! Can't wait to see your ring! It sounds gorgeous!!!!!

I too have princess cut! But with yellow gold band and white gold "prongs". But I love white gold!!!

Splice said...

I can't wait to see the ring!! How exciting :-)

I will keep checking in to see how things are going, try not to stress to much about your eye operation, just think about the ring ;-)

Take care,

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see the ring!!!

Xx - Michelle

Andj said...

that is awesome about the ring but soo dissapointing that you have to wait three weeks! But after that you will have it forever.
Totally worth waiting for.

I get shattered by the end of the week as well - I actually find it very disheartening.

Mel said...

Love the new site Hils :)

And what a great way to spend Valentine's Day, your ring sounds gorgeous, actually sounds a lot like mine, haha!

Ohhh I am interested in hearing how your eye surgery goes, its something that I must do one day, but am major chicken!

Keep kicking but!!


Antigone said...

The ring sounds AMAZING, i hope the wait isn't too stressfull for your hubby to be LOL if your anythig like me you will be whinging and whining until the ring is firmly on your finger LOL

Congrats on all your hard work, i am pretty sure step and combat classes are counting for something hun, for all they sweat you bloody hope so right? LOL
I can't wait to try out some classes but i have to wait till i get the all clear from doctor in weeks time YAY

Good luck with your pre-op!!