Friday, February 09, 2007


I'm sooooo sore!! My lats are screaming, I'm having trouble straightening my arms because my biceps and forearms have locked up, and my legs... well I'm moving very slowly at the moment - I think Selina called it "tin man" legs? I reckon it feels like I've got glass in my legs, and it shatters with every step.

Obviously it was a good leg workout then! Actually, from the very first squat I knew that I was going to be in trouble for the rest of the week. I think I actually felt the muscles swearing at me. I'm now at the stage of lowering and raising myself on chairs with my arms - although with sore biceps and forearms I'm kinda moving in slow motion at the moment, with a constant grimmace on my face hehehe

Yesterday I staggered to the gym and attempted my first body attack class - oh how humbling - every time the music stopped I was gasping for breath, stumbling for my towel and water, wondering how could 6 weeks off do this to a person??? I was giving the instructor death stares as we did the last track - lunges and squats - the day after my first leg workout??!! I must have been a bad girl in my last life, and being punished for it now!

This morning I'm going into the city to have my final check up before my eye operation, I'm going to a Retina Specialist, he'll dilate my pupils to have a good look at my eyes and make sure everything is ok. He has the final say on whether this op can go ahead or not. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Janew said...

Good luck Hilary with your eye appointment!
haha! even better work with the legs and body attack session!Gotta love that soreness :)
I to gasp for breath in body attack between the tracks..its a great workout for sure :)

have a fab weekend! jane :)

Di Broeren said...

Good Luck for your eye appointment!

Hilds said...

Hi Hilary sounds like you've been working hard at the gym, its funny how its actually a good feeling to be extremely sore from training!

Good luck with the Doctor hope it goes ahead for you. Hilds

Chontelle said...

Hi HIlary,

I am with you on the "return to training" feelings! I am really sore where you extend out for pec dec / chest presses kind of under your arms! And it is so amazing how quick you can lose strength, but it will be back!

I have also been doing the bike classes, and while they can feel like torture they provide a great feeling of satisfaction. Although I do one in my lunch hour, and climbing the stairs back to my office afterwards is the most torturous part!!!!

Great work getting back into it again! I will be following your progress to keep myself motivated! :o)

Ali said...

Good luck with your eye appointment!!

Love the comment about being a 'bad girl in a previous life' LOL

You have an awesome weekend, epson salt bath would help :)


jodie said...

Good luck with your eyes, have my fingers crossed.
It won't take long for your strength and fitness to come back, you watch.

LizN said...

Good luck with your eye appointment. I had LASIK done a few years ago and it was nervewracking :)

Liz N

Hilary said...

Jane that body attack is a great workout isnt it?! Although I didn't like the gasping for air bit.

Thanks Di!

Hilds it IS a good feeling - but sometimes you could do without it. Especially when you are so sore you wake yourself up in bed, just by rolling over LOL!

Chontelle you are lucky to be able to go to gym in your lunch hour - I only get half an hour so its out of the question for me. Hope your chest is feeling a bit better!

Thanks Ali, I didn't try your bath idea because its been so hot - but it sounds like it would help the sore muscles, will give it a try some time.

Jodie I think the fitness is coming back already - you are so right! Funny how impatient we are!

Thanks Liz, nice to know that somebody else knows how scary this will be. I wish it was LASIK that I was having because its been done a bit more than what I'm having done!