Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm going to Phat Camp

I have finally bitten the bullet, and have pre-registered for Phat Camp on the Gold Coast. How exciting, now I really have a goal to work towards... to have regained my fitness and lost those pesky 4kgs by April 27 (and also put on a bit more muscle).

This weekend has not really gone as planned. I had planned on getting up early each day and taking the poor pooches for a much needed walk. Normally I'm awake by 6 or 7am on a weekend, plenty early enough to do this before the day gets hot. But this weekend I have not woken up until 8.30-ish - and even then I've felt sluggish and super tired. I'm still sick of course, still coughing up a lung every half hour and blowing my nose - so no "walkies" yet. Sadly the drugs dont work as well as I thought they would, I just cant seem to shift this chest infection. Looks like I might even have to fill the repeat prescription for the antibiotics the doctor gave me. Yesterday I was nearly crying with frustration at this stupid cough... you know when you cough and cough and cough, so much that you end up dry-reaching? Thats me. What a lovely image for you all.

Well anyway, tomorrow is day one of my next challenge. The next 6 weeks takes me up to my first eye operation on the 15th of March, after which there will be some enforced rest for a week or two. Stage 2 of this challenge will begin after both eyes are done.

Some more photos... ah... a trip down memory lane...

Beaumaris Castle, North Wales

Hadrians Wall, England (those bloody Romans were amazing!)

A BIG cannon at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. Note the gorgeous hot pink beanie in these photos - it was my best friend during the trip!
Well thats me for the weekend - a big week awaits me. Better chuff off and get my meals organised for the week. Bye-eeee!


jodie said...

I hope you turn the corner with your bug. I know what it is like when you cough so much it hurts :(

Great pics of your holiday - you do look all rugged up from the cold!!

Yah on Phat Camp, wish I was going to the Gold Coast as well as the Melbourne!!

Pip said...


PHAT Camp ROCKS! Wish I was going again this year, - just not the best financial organisation last year, - if Jen is coming to Oz in 2008 I'll DEFINITELY try to make camp!

Ahh, - nasty colds are FRUSTRATING! On occasions I got the severe types with the nasty chesty hurting cough along with the blocked up head etc I generally found I took 2-3 weeks to get fully over it, - (feeling the worst on the first few days) and gradually coming better except the head and cough.

Hope you feel better soon!


Andj said...

Hmmn Phat camp. I don't think it will be on my agenda this year after all. Good on you Hilary for having great fitness goals and constantly striving! you are going to look hot at your wedding!

Antigone said...

I hope you get over this horrid cold you have, nothing worse than that yucky cough my poor hubby and daughter had that a few weeks ago not a nice sickness at all!!
Bet you are going to love the camp:) I am still thinking about the melbourne one but unsure as baby still hasn't arrived yet LOL
Have a great week hun:)

Selina said...

I'm going to Phat camp too, not 'officially' yet as I have to wait till next week till pay my deposit *fingers crossed* there's still spots left :)
How exciting!!!!
I'm hoping to drop about 3kgs by then too, 3kgs sounds easy, but it's the last HARD three :)
Here's to us!!! lol
hope you're a bit better-er today!

Hilds said...

I'm sooooo jelous I was all set to go to Phat Camp but my sister had to decide to get married!!!! Bugger, Bugger, Bugger, she is getting married the weekend before with just immediate family and then having a big party the weekend of Phat Camp. She said I didn't have to go to the party as she mainly wanted me there just for the wedding but I know I would regret it later if I didn't go (not one to miss out on a party!). Anyway we can't always have everything we want, but it would have been so awesome to meet everyone. Might try and catch up with some of you on my way down to Adelaide. Anyway Hils hope your getting better, there is nothing more frustrating than being sick, but the bright side is you will feel amazing once your back to normal. Hope the new challenge is going well. Hilds

Sam D-M said...

How exciting that you are going to phat camp!! I will miss going this year :-(

Great holi picks :-)

Hope you get on top of your health soon.

Look forward to following you with your goals too!


Hilary said...

Hi Jodie, yes the cough is a right pain isn't it? Just wish it would go away... I wish you were coming to Gold Coast Phat Camp too!

Hi Pip! Yeah I know what you mean about financial organisation... especially after a big holiday! Had to experience it first hand though!

Andj thats a shame that you arent coming, but I guess there's always next year?!

Em I'm crossing my fingers and toes that bub comes soon and you can get to go!

Selina tell me about it! I'm aiming for 3-4kgs too - and they are definetely the hardest to shift, bet we can do it though!

Thats a bugger Hilds, but I guess your sister will only get married once, so you have to be there - family is more important! And there's always next year!

Thanks Sam, so far so good - I'm kicking butt!!

Hilary xx

Rachel said...

Hi Hilary - I loved the 2005 one and I'm hoping to go to Phat Camp too this year so hopefully will see you there!