Monday, February 12, 2007

Its all good

My eyes, that is.  Had my eye appointment on Friday morning - it was quite horrible!  First I had anaesthetic drops in my eyes and the girl got this pressure tester gauge, which she then tapped on my eyeballs (like, I could SEE this thing hitting my eye repeatedly) but it didn't hurt, it was just weird.  Then she put the dilating drops in my eyes, and warned me that these drops were EXTRA strong.  She said that my pupils could stay dilated for up to 3 days afterwards (she wasn't joking)!!

So after my pupils dilated to the size of saucers, I saw the doc.  He actually started the examination by saying "This will be a bit unpleasant"... hmmmm ...  Picture this, the room is dark, the only light is the one the doctor is holding, and its searing into the back of my eye.  Because your pupils dont work anymore, he has to hold my eyelids open (the natural reaction is to close your eyes).  Then he gets this "poking stick" (thats the official name) and presses it into your eyeball, still blinding you with the light, while all the time you have to 'look left, look up and left, look up, look up and right...' etc.  By now my eyes were streaming - and all that poking around my eyes really hurt!  And just when you think its over, then you have the other eye to do!

Finally he suctions this glass lens thing onto your eyeball, and had another look at my retina.  When he removed the lens, there was this gross "sucking noise" and then it felt like about half a glass of water splashed down onto my cheeks - just a little bit of water from the eyes!  The things we have to suffer!  Anyway, looks like its all good for the eye op, in just over a months time.

So on Saturday I got up to find that my pupils were STILL dilated, which meant I couldn't really take the pooches for a walk.  Even with sunglasses, the sun was so bright that everything outside was literally brilliant white.  I still did my chest and tricep workout at home though, and took the dogs for a big walk on Sunday to make up for it. 

Had a few slip ups on the weekend food-wise, so I'm not very happy with myself.  Why oh why do I struggle on weekends?  Not enough water, and bad food choices.  I always find it easy to focus during the week, but come Saturday I lose that determination.  I think I need to throw myself into this house renovation - then I will be so busy on weekends that I wont have time to think about anything else!

This morning I did the cycle class again - and yay! found it a bit easier this week... hopefully my fitness is starting to come back!


LizN said...

You're not alone Hilary. I find weekends tough too. I did cook ahead a little and that helped me somewhat.

Liz ;)

Janew said...

Ouchie!your eye appointment didnt sound nice at all!atleast its over now and you know you can go ahead with your eye op. You are sooo brave Hilary!!

yeah dont worry I think weekends are hard for most people!Im usually good on the food side of things as I try and have food prepared so I cant be caught out!But having a few wines on the weekends is where I am naughty!!;) but we are only human and should not beat up ourselves over it!
Its great to be fit and healthy but remember its also important to have a life and experience differet things!

K said...

OH Owwww Hilary!
I don't envy your eye appointment!
Weekends are hard for everyone I think! I can be good food wise but I am not too good alcohol wise so that is what I am focussing on for these last weeks!
Stay strong and re-read your goals and motivation book over and over on the weekends :o) You will get there!!

jodie said...

Man your eye appointment sounded hideous, I am not sure I could take to someone poking at my eyes. Braver than me! And yes, I am with you on the weekend thing, its always the hardest part.

CJ said...

That eye appointment sounds awful. Hope you're fully reovered from it now.

I'm glad someone else has problems on the weekends too. Generally I'm fine during the week with work and everything else going on but when the weekend rolls around, its so hard sometimes to stay on track.