Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where did my post go??

I posted this on Tuesday by email, but blogger mustn't have liked it. Oh well, here it is again....

Had a bit of a yuk day yesterday, Sunday night kept waking up with a sore stomach. It was like an ache, but not in the traditional 'stomach ache' way. Felt like a brick was lying on my upper abdomen. So I didn't train, in fact, I could barely keep my eyes open all day - sooo lethargic. Lots of people at work have been down with a virus in the last week, upset tummies and everything, so I was assuming I was coming down with it.

Anyway, still had an achey stomach last night but this morning decided to get up and train anyway... and I am so glad I did! Had a SMASHING weights session! I powered through my weights, felt strong, beat all my weight/reps from last week, and then kicked butt through an amazing interval cardio session on the cross trainer. Followed up with 10 mins on the bike, and then stretching............ felt so good!!!! See, training is good for you!

Stomach feels ok at the moment, but as a precaution I'm avoiding the sugar-free stuff, and not training abs for a few days.

Last night we went to visit friends who have just recently a baby. He was sooo tiny! I got to hear all the horror stories of the birth too - she had a bit of a rough time, poor thing. Is it just me, or is everyone having babies at the moment? I feel like everywhere I turn, everyone is either pregnant or has just had one. Em has just recently had her little boy, and we have these friends who've just recently had theirs. Then I have another 4 friends who are all at various stages of pregnancy, and two other friends who's little ones have just had a first birthday (cant believe how fast they grow!). Must just be our age-group.

But I think I might finally be getting a bit clucky..... (eeeeeek! - insert scary music here!)


jodie said...

Yes it is our age group.... Oh did I read right? Hils did you say you might be getting clucky? lol

LizN said...

It is amazing how all these events seem to happen together, getting married, having babies...wowsa!

Liz ;)

Rebecca said...

Oh Hilary, clucky?! There is hope yet. He, he. It happens to the best of us!

I hope that your stomach feels better soon. It is no fun when it just doesn't feel right. I always get stomach aches and swear by inner health tablets. They can help when you have eaten too much processed foods.

Well have a lovely weekend.

Splice said...

Hey Hilary.

I hope your stomach is better now.
It does make you feel pretty fantastic when you smash your weights session.

As for pregnant women, DON'T DRINK THE WATER!!! ;-)


Ali said...

I agree did i read right???!!!

You would be an awesome mum!!

have a wonderful weekend and i hope by now your tummy is truly mended


RaeC said...

Love the new blog Hilary!! Fantastic to read nothing but good news about your workouts and nutrition and your ring sounds divine!!

I'm with you by the end of the week. At the risk of sounding like I've got not social life, I prefer not to plan anything for a Friday night because I am always ready for bed by about 8pm because of the early morning training sessions during the week. So you're not alone!!

Keep up the awesome work honey, it looks like everyone is really doing fantastic lately... it's been great to read everyone's blogs today :o) xxx