Monday, November 05, 2007

Lazy weekend

I did a cycle class this morning, came away absolutely drenched, but feeling great.  I have been sleeping much better lately too, I actually got 9 hours sleep on Friday night, which was heaven!  Its amazing how much better and mentally stronger you feel after a good nights sleep.  All those little things just seem insignificant.

I had such a relaxing weekend.  Got my hair cut again on Saturday afternoon - this time got a much shorter disconnected bob.  I also had some time to myself on Saturday, so it was nice to just chill on my own, collect my thoughts and relax with a good book! 

We had a DVD marathon weekend!  On Friday night we watched part of Epic Movie (turned it off after about half an hour though - it was crap!!) and then The Hitcher - Sean Bean makes such a good villain.  Then on Saturday night we had a BBQ at home and watched Tenacious D The Pick of Destiny (some funny parts but not highly recommended) and then The Pianist, which was a fantastic movie.  OH was extremely reluctant to watch it, since drama's arent really his thing (typical guy - he loves action/thrillers) but it ended up being a really good movie, even he admitted it.  It was also quite distressing at times - the things those poor people went through during the war, it really opens your eyes.  I like it when a movie turns out MUCH better than you expected... 'I am Sam' was a bit like that.  My favourite movie of all time is Platoon.

Tomorrow morning after gym I'm going to the dentist for a check up.  I'm a bit reluctant, last time I went (6 months ago) I was told that I need my 3 remaining wisdom teeth out.  I chose to ignore it!  So I'm prolly about to get in trouble from my dentist!  Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!


Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Hilary

Thanks for the compliment this morning. I know how you feel about Dentists......................I avoid them like the plague. Shouldn'treally though, just they cost so much!
Cath you around the gym.

Selina said...

YAY for the 9 hour sleep!! Bet that felt great!!
You'll have to post another piccy of your hair!!!!
Hope everything is going OK for you?!
talk soon

Pip said...

Would love a hair pic too Hils! It sounds groovy!

Great news on the sleeping.

Sounds like a neat weekend! - good job on the training!


Splice said...

Hope all went well at the Dentists, that words alone freaks me out and I won't tell you how long it's been since I last saw one ;-)

Love your blog, it's delicious!!