Monday, November 26, 2007


Would you believe that my face is still sore from having that bloody wisdom tooth out?? I didn't realise that it would make my whole left side of my jaw ache. I dread to think what it will be like when I have TWO removed on the right side.

Yesterday I finally got off my arse and did some painting. The previous owners of this house had some amazing taste in colours (NOT!). The spare bedroom that I painted yesterday had 3 walls in purple, and one wall in bright yellow/orange. They also had blue venetian blinds on both windows. Before....

It took me all freaking day!! It needed 3 coats of paint to cover the purple. Here's the results:

So training is going really well. Now that I've got lots of spare time I'm making sure I fit some more training in. I've still been going to gym every morning at 5.30am, Friday morning did a really good step class, and Saturday afternoon went for a jog. Sunday's exercise was painting, which I figure is a good shoulder workout anyway. This morning I did a cycle class, which for some reason really fatigued me in the legs (it doesn't normally) and then jumped on the treadmill on incline for 10 minutes afterwards.

I am determined to lose bodyfat during this break. Danger time for me is being home alone and bored, that's when I tend to swing off the fridge and pantry door a lot. Its bizarre going from being so busy, to suddenly having no routine, so the goal is to make sure I keep busy.

Last week my nutrition wasnt too bad, I've got a whiteboard in the kitchen so I'm keeping a visible weekly record - beside each day of the week I get a big tick (or a cross!!) for having trained, eaten clean, zero alcohol, and a tally of how many litres of water consumed. I like having it visible like that, especially if I know that my OH can see it.

Anyway, last week was ok - but lots of room for improvement! Watch this space!!

I know how we all love before and after photos, so here's some of Miss Elke - before being shaved...

and after... ! Much cooler for her.

Have a great Monday everyone!


Antigone said...

I should take a leaf out of your book! Lots of painting to be done in my house but i can't comment on the colour scheme cause my mummy chose it LOL
Love your puppy doggy, i had to do the same to my kitty cat he hated it and wouldn't talk to me for ages after hehe.
Have a great week :)

Kaddy said...

u know i have been absent from bloger for a while; come and go spiratically; (im back now again!) but every time i drop by ur blog u seem to be going through the wars u poor girl~! hows your eyes after the op?

ur painting looks great; marked improvement!~