Friday, November 23, 2007


So my leisurely lifestyle continues... although I havent got as much done as I thought I would! Yesterday I bought myself some new gym shoes, so hopefully they will eliminate the shin splints issue.

Yesterday I finally did the Abs Butt and Thighs class at gym - holy sh!t! Thought I was gonna collapse towards the end. Lots of squats, walking lunges, running laps of the aerobics room, step ups etc, and then the ab work just about killed me. Felt good though so I think I'll give it another go next week.

This morning did Step, followed by walking the dogs for 40 minutes. Shins hurt a bit.

Anyway, got tagged last week - so here goes...

Four dishes I like to cook:
1. Beef Wellington (with Roast Vegetables and Yorkshire Puddings) This is OH's favourite meal of all time. He has it every birthday. His mum took great pains to teach me how to make it "her" way. We make individual Beef Wellingtons because everyone's favourite part is the puff pastry!

2. Chicken & Leek pie.

3. Homemade pizza (I buy the bases though). Good for a lazy Saturday night. I dont particularly go for "gourmet" pizza toppings - normally I add onion, capsicum, mushroom, pineapple, tomato, olives, ham, ground beef, salami and cabanossi and cheese. (!!!!). Usually they are so big that you can barely open your mouth wide enough for a bite LOL. A good tip is to pour some whisked egg over the top of the pizza just before you put it in the oven.

4. Lasagne. OH goes nuts for my lasagne. I'm not as keen, but I make it for him to keep him happy! I always add about a tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce to the meat sauce - this is also good for spag bol. Sounds strange I know, but give it a try sometime.

Four qualities I love in people
1. Committment
2. Honesty
3 Sense of Humour
4. Loyalty

Four places I have been
1. Rome. It had to be on the top of the list! We were in Rome in January this year. I am obsessed with all things Ancient Rome. Yes I'm a nerd. Enough said.
2. Innsbruck, Austria.
3. UK.
4. Singapore

Four things in my bedroom
1. A TV that we never use. I'm just not a 'watch-TV-in-bed' kinda person.
2. Boxes of tiles yet to be laid in our house (any spare space is fair game in our place!)
3. Framed prints by the artist M.C. Escher
4. Bedside tables that do not match the bed.

Four dirty words that I like to use
Apart from the obvious ones???... I try not to swear too much, but the occasional “For F**ks sake!” escapes me sometimes. My favourtie word for someone I don’t like is “slut-features”. I don’t use it often.

Four random facts about me:
1. I love animals. I love them more than people sometimes. If there’s a story on the news about a person who died, or a horse stuck in the mud, I will cry over the horse every time. People stories do not affect me the same way. For this reason I cannot watch RSPCA Animal Rescue – I would sob for the entire show. I am also not actually a cat-lover – I am definitely a dog person. I only got my Siamese Cat because I was told that they are the most dog-like cat you can get. But I love him to bits now.

2. I like alternative music. My favourite is still System of a Down. I have always been the one who likes the weird/kooky type of music. I had a mega obsession with The Cure when I was a teenager.

3. I do my own acrylic nails. My future sis-in-law used to do them for me (she’s qualified), but after about a year of watching her do it, I thought “this cant be too hard!!!” and got her to buy me the gear and now I do them myself. It actually was quite difficult, but I’ve been doing them for about 5 years now and have no problem. My natural nails are paper thin, they are so thin that it sickens me to touch them.

4. I cant eat steak. If I chop it up and stir-fry it I love it, but to sit down to a big piece of fillet or rump makes me feel ill.

I tag Selina, Kerry, Doris and Michelle


Ali said...

I'm impressed that you do your own nails Hils, because you would have to be ambidextrous wouldn't you.

I love animals as well,

have a great weekend

Ali xxx

Dianna Broeren said...

Hello Ms Lady of Leasure! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your time off. You'll be back into the grind of work before you know it. Sounds like you are turning into a little aerobic bunny!