Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hil, meet Garden. Garden, meet Hil.

Putting the term “Garden Leave” (see previous post) to good use, I spent Sunday in the garden. My lovely parents volunteered to drive an hour to our house to help clean out our overgrown mess of a garden, so no need for further exercise on Sunday. Ouch my hammies are so sore from bending over reefing out weeds all day. My hands and nails are sore too (acrylic nails and weeding don’t make a good match – sore fingernail beds!!). We were slathered in bug repellant, and rained on twice, but had a good day. I kept expecting creepy crawlies to leap out at me, but they must have all scattered when they saw us coming.

So, despite being “between jobs” at the moment, the last two mornings I have still got up and gone to gym at 5.30am. I’m quite impressed with myself! Yesterday I came home from gym and took the dogs for a walk – but have ended up with shin splints for my trouble. My gym shoes are over a year old now, and I think its time to replace them… I always get shin splints when I have old shoes. Anyway, I spent some more time in the garden yesterday, fighting off the midgies in the process. Also got a little sunburned.

Then this morning I had to go to the Toothist! I am now minus one wisdom tooth. Currently the left side of my face is numb and swollen from the anesthetic. How bizarre is it!! Even my left ear is numb! OH rang me a little while ago, and he was laughing at me cos I sounded so stupid! My tongue feels like a rock in my mouth and wont move properly. My lips are frozen in the one spot.

Just after the dentist injected about 4 needles into my gum, he asked me what I was going to do with my time off.

I replied “Oh I’ve got loths oth wenovating to do at home, loths of painting. And of courth with Christhmath not far away, loths oth sthopping to do too.”

I had to stop talking cos I feel like a dickhead. I can feel myself starting to drool because I have no idea what my lips are doing – cant feel them.

Then when the dentist went to pull the tooth out, the assistant put me in a head lock. It was the weirdest/worst sensation having the tooth pulled – kinda like he stuck a fork in it and then wound the handle around and around, until *crack* out it came. I was glad it came out when it did, if it went on much longer I was going to have to slap him. And how crazy am I… I’m going back for more on the 10th of December!!


Splice said...

I shouldn't laugh but you crack me up miss Dribbley lol.
I don't know how you could go through that, i would have had to be put to sleep for that to happen. You are one brave puppy!
Knowing you have to do it again is freaking me out!
I have a major phobia for dentists incase you didn't notice ;-)

Enjoy your garden and your time off between jobs.


Bec said...

congrats on the job change - i am hoping that you will enjoy the change. I love the garden leave idea - wish i could do that....

Gotta love wisdom teeth - i had mine done in the chair, i can sympathise.

good work on getting up early still!!

Dianna Broeren said...

Hi Hilary! I have just caught up on your blog....so much happening! How exciting about your job - congratulations, that is sensational. And what a perfect time for it to be with Christmas and summer so close. There is nothing worse than being stresed and unhappy in the workplace. I am thrilled for you.

Sam D-M said...

Hi Hil,

You sound so much better. Glad it worked out for you are you are on your way to a new job - very exciting! By the way, what do you do? Sorry if I am being nosing you can tell me if I am:-)

I hope the dental work is not causing you too much pain. Enjoy your rest.


Antigone said...

I am so not going to the dentist any time soon i reckon after reading your post i could almost feel that fork twisting sensation you spoke of LOL
I hope your lips come back into use soon hun and that your not in too much pain :)
Rest up :)

Michelle said...


Over here when they pull teeth you get to take a nice little "nap" and wake up with a mouth full of cotton.

Note to "self" - all dental work must be completed BEFORE visiting the land down under:)

XX - Michelle