Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Human Pincushion

Yesterday I experienced my first session of acupuncture. Very interesting. I've been wanting to try it for a while now, and since I've got a lot of spare time at the moment, I thought "why not". A friend recommended his acupuncturist, so I thought I'd give his guy a go. Unfortunately he's on the northside of Brissie, so naturally I got hopelessly lost trying to get there! I dont get over to the northside very often, but I think I got to see a fair chunk of it yesterday with all the extra driving I did!

So anyway, he asked me all sorts of questions, previous injuries, digestive issues, sleep patterns, looked at my tongue (!!!) and then I laid down and got stuck with needles! It seems that all my injuries/niggles/weaknesses are all down my right hand side. First priority was my right shoulder, which is extremely tight and doesn't move like it should. I had needles all the way from my neck down to my foot. The only one that hurt was the one in my hand. They place it in the webbing between the thumb and the first finger - and OMG it HURT!!

He then waved some burning herbs over some of the needles, and then stuck electrodes to the ones in my shoulder. The electrodes made my shoulder pulse and vibrate - very strange!

After this I rolled onto my stomach and had these glass cups attached to my back. It felt like there was a crab suctioned on, I didn't like it much. They didn't stay on very long, but look at my back now:

I look like a freak!!!! Apparently the bruising will go away in a couple of days.

So all in all, it was an interesting experience. I do have a bit more movement in my shoulder now, but it could just be from the massage and stretching he did on it. The jury is out on whether I will go again. I might try to find someone more local.

Training and eats have been spot on this week, so I'm feeling great. On Tuesday after gym I spent the entire day in the garden. Pruning, weeding, chopping, carting tree branches and weeds to the trailer - it was hard work. I was nodding off on the lounge at 7.30 that night. But let me tell you - it certainly beats being at work right now!

Today I'm off to have lunch with a friend - what a life!!


Antigone said...

You brave girl :)I have a huge fear of needles!!!!
They say that this therapy takes a fewe days before you feel the effects, my mum swears by this "pincushion" therapy for headaches!
it's heated cups they use isn't that create that suction effect i hve read something about it's to help remove toxins or something i think hope it worked cause those bruises look painful!
Good on you for doing your gardening want to come and do mine hehe
Have a great day tomorrow:)

Kaddy said...

wow! INTERESTING; keep us posted on whether you notice much of an overall improvement; i''ve often thought about having it done too; that bruising is trippy!

BTW i have fixed my blog now so anyone can read it.... didnt know i had it set to private; all these strange things that occur in blog land!

Anonymous said...

It's good to try different things, it's the only way of finding out what works for us and what doesn't work Hilary. Definitely keep us posted, I'm interested to hear.

Have a fabulous weekend! :o)

Selina said...

Hey Hils!
I lurve cupping. I like that funny sensation it gives you. Most of all I love the bruises, I get quite upset if I don't get evidence!!! :P
Don't think I'd ever do the pincushion thing though. Just the thought of it makes me feel a bit woozy...

Antigone said...

How you going?
Hope your back has healed:)

Dianna Broeren said...

Yah - can't say I would have found it too pleasant either judging by the bruising he left on you! The things a lady of leisure gets up too : )