Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Mind over matter

... otherwise known as "I think I can, I think I can..."

This morning I was up as usual at 5am - ok so actually it was more like quarter past, I almost slept through the alarm. Anyway, got to gym and did an awesome shoulder/bi/tri workout (shoulder is feeling good after the acupuncture by the way), then hopped on the cross trainer for 20 minutes. Felt good - but quite fatigued by the end.

Came home and took the dogs for a brief walk, dropped them off and headed off on my 4km route. Last time I ran/walked this (Saturday) I managed to jog as far as the local school , which is about a third of the way, before I had to slow to a walk. Since I'm no runner, this I thought was a pretty good. Usually after I catch my breath, I pick it up for more jogging.

This morning, the minute I stepped it up into a jog, I though "oh-oh, I'm never going to make this, my legs are sooooo tired!". But I kept saying to myself "Just make it to the end of the main street". Making it to the end of that street involves two small hills, nearly killed me!! Finally made it to the end and thought "Hey its a downhill slope now - keep going - just make it to that power pole". Then when I got close to that power pole, I thought - you can make it to the school!

So I kept going, and kept jogging to the school. Then I passed the school and just kept on going. I kept setting myself markers, and each time I reached the marker I picked another one 50 metres ahead. In the end I got about half way before I had to slow to a walk and gasp for breath!!!! But man it felt good. Last time I jogged to the school I had fresh legs too - so just goes to show how mind over matter can get you further than you thought. By the time I got home my legs were cactus though!

To me, this is the best thing about fitness. To achieve something, even something minor as jogging further than you thought you could, or saying no to a glass of wine when you REALLY feel like one - knowing that you're progressing, improving, eating clean, gaining control and just feeling really good about yourself - what an awesome, powerful feeling.

So I'm feeling really happy and positive right now. I'm just going to have a little rest here before I start painting some ceilings today. Have a great day!


Magda said...

Great work Hil,

this approach is pretty much fail-proof. I've used it myself MANY A TIME!!

Keep up the good work.



Dianna Broeren said...

Good Work on the jogging! Sounds much more exciting than the painting : )

Antigone said...

Good on you hun :)
Doesn't it feel fantastic when you can break through those barriers in your mind and change those can't into a can!
You can do anything if you put your mind to it hey hilary :)

Kimmy said...

Good on you for your MIND OVER MATTER achievement. I am not a jogger so I really appreciate your challenge - go girl - well done.
Thanks for popping over to my blog also.
Live with Passion

Doris's New Beginning! said...

So thats what I need to do when I TRY TO RUN. Last week I went on a run/walk at 4.30am, but only made it running for half the distance(about 5km) in the bush, and walk the rest. I am suffering now from shin splints since i ran? Apparently you have to push through and stretch your calves.

Sam D-M said...

Yuk - ceiling painting!! your poor arms :-)

I agree progression is one of the best things about fitness!

Keep enjoying the Garden Leave!

Pip said...

I agree Hils, progression is AWESOME, is revving! It's fab when we overcome strong urges to do things that keep us on track for long term goals!!!

CONGRATS with the running. By the way, - when I say I run, - it's more a slow waddle, - but not stopping to walk. But to a point, (I spose) the leaner I get, the faster I go! I love the adrenalin feel from running.