Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So thats it for another year...

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!

Early yesterday morning we exchanged a few little gifts, and most importantly gave the dogs and cat their pressies. Shavez was sooo funny, his stocking had a sqeaky ball in it - he just LOVES this ball - he takes it with him everywhere and will not let it out of his sight! He's like a little kid with his dolly. It looks so funny to have this great big dog carrying a little ball everywhere. Even when he's sleeping he has to have the ball resting beside his face LOL...
We then went for breakfast with OH's family, where we did had a lovely BBQ breakfast out on the deck. Then the kids hit the pool, and OH chased them around and squirted them with water pistols - he is just like a big kid himself really.

We then headed home at lunchtime and my parents came around. I enjoyed a glass or two of bubbles, and then all of OH's family arrived for a dinner time BBQ.

Santa was good to me this year - OH got me a Polar F11 heart rate monitor...

I got the blue one, and I cant wait to start using it! I've been playing with it this morning, and I'm amazed with all the features its got. Its much puuurtier than my old black Polar, which has copped an absolute hiding over the years. I think I will be doing well to use even half of the features on this new one though - but its just so lovely!

OH's family also lashed out and got me some diamond cluster earrings... real diamonds too so I was most impressed! Musta been a good girl in my past life!

I'm having a week off weight training this week, so it will be good to get back into it. It will be good when the gym is back to normal hours too! So the dogs will be getting lots of walkies this week, and I may go for a few jogs too. Only two more weeks of being a lady of leisure - I cant believe how quickly 5 weeks has gone already! Actually I'm really looking forward to starting my new job, it will be good to have something to sink my teeth into.

Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying some relax time at the moment, I'm off to read some blogs!


Raechelle said...

Dogs-you gotta love 'em! How cute!
Love the heart monitor-how fun! and how nice of the rellies with the earrings-guess they like you! :o)
Happy boxing day!

Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Hil, Merry Xmas and New Year. You scored very well! I have been eying off those Polar watches.

Anyway catch you around the gym sometime.

Antigone said...

Sounds like you have had a lovely time :)
I can't believe you go back to work soon! Good luck with you new job :)
Have a great week hun:)

Kristy said...

Hey Hilary

You will love your polar hrm. I have the same one and love it. I just need to start using it again. I'll be glad when my gym's hours are normal again as well.

Sound like you had a great christmas.

Hope you have a nice new year.

Take care

little rene said...

I know what you mean about the difficulties of being a "lady of leisure". It's so cruel that the times when we are most inspired to do things are when we cannot due to work or other commitments!

I must say I find that I am able to "waste" a lot of time reading, surfing the net and watching DVD's though! All of which are great as long as I don't indulge in the snacks to go with them :)

LizN said...

Happy New Year Hilary :) Hope you enjoy your HRM as much as I enjoy mine.

Liz N

RaeC said...

Your doggies are SO cute!! Great pressie with regards to the HRM. I gave one to my flatmate Sheree and she just loves it!! So much so that she did a second lot of cardio on Christmas day to try it out... LOL!! Good to see you had a great Christmas xxx

Raechelle said...

Well, due to your new HRM-and all the comments saying how great they are I had to have one too LOL! You guys should all get commission from the HRM co's!
I can't wait to try it out-cheers-and thanks for the idea!

Alicia said...

I have the same Polar heart rate monitor and LOVE it....tho I still havent figured out half of the features and I've had it for 3 months now :) Slack I know! xo

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh i love the sound of your Polar HRM, sounds wonderful im off to check them out online now hehe.

Have a wonderful New Year