Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bull in a china shop

One thing mum always used to shout at me (apart from “Clean your room” and “For God’s sake, stop tap-dancing down the supermarket aisles!!”) was

Christ Hilary you’re like a bull in a china shop!!!!”

I was always crashing through the world at top-speed, always in a hurry, slamming doors, bumping into things, breaking stuff. We used to live in a two storey house on stilts, looked like a little Swiss chalet, and she used to reckon me running down the stairs made the whole house shake…

I got better as I got older. But yesterday I had a bit of a day like those old days. For some reason I was in a hurry to do everything. I had a list of things to do yesterday, and there was no stopping me!

So my to-do list went something like this:

Go to gym
Do groceries
Post Christmas Cards
Paint upstairs hallway ceiling
Paint downstairs bedroom ceiling
Mow all lawns

It started to go wrong when I went to post the Christmas cards, I got stuck halfway across an intersection when I got stuck at a red light. Couldn’t go forward or back. A pedestrian abused me for being halfway across the pedestrian crossing – now that just put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day.

So I came home and painted. Forgot that when you roll on ceilings that the paint doesn’t just splatter straight down onto the drop sheet – it flies out in all directions. Consequently got paint everywhere and had to keep stopping to clean it up.

Cooked stir fry for lunch, dropped food on floor from rushing…

Cut my toe on a floor tile, just from walking past it.

Got a huge glob of paint in my left eye. I mean it dropped straight into my eyeball, and OMG that sucker stung!! Spent the next ten minutes rinsing my eye in water and searching for eye drops, which we don’t seem to have anymore since I had my eye operations!

Noticed it looked like it was going to rain, so ditched the painting halfway through to go mow… it took me about 2 hours because the mower kept stalling because the grass was too thick. I bumped my leg on the mower and have ended up with a massive bruise on my thigh.

And finally when I went to close a sliding screen door last night I managed to bang myself in the forehead with it – hard. I have a big egg over my left eyebrow now.

So I think that qualifies as a bull in a china shop kinda day! Mum would be shaking her head right now!!


Raechelle said...

Hi Hilary! Thanks for stopping by...How funny-I actually just snooped your site this morning too!
Cute blog!
Thanks for the vote of confidence-I'm looking forward to the challenge!
Cheers-looking forward to chatting again!

little rene said...

What a day!

And how bad is the timing since you are not allowed to indulge in a red wine or two to help you cope! LOL!

Hope today was better :)

Kimmy said...

What a funny post - All I can say Hilary is that it can only get better.
Glad to see you fitting so much into one day - it makes you feel so good when you can tick them off your list.
Live with Passion

Ali said...

I think we all have days like that, hope your mouth is feeling good.

have a great weekend

Ali xxx

Antigone said...

Oh you poor thing!
Don't you hate it when one thing then snowballs into a whole day of horror!
I hope all your bumps and bruises are feeling better today :)