Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You may find this hard to believe but...

... I'm getting bored at home!

Yep, being a lady of leisure ain't all its cracked up to be!!! It is very strange having no proper routine. The only thing I do with any regularity is go to gym every morning. Then if I'm in the mood I walk the dogs, shower, sit down in front of the computer and play on the internet until about 9am. I have this rule that I dont start doing any physical "work" until after 9am.

My other rule is that I dont switch on the TV until its time to watch 'Antiques Roadshow' (5pm) - I've become addicted to that show... sad arent I??

I've done most of my Christmas shopping, I've weeded the garden, I've painted all I can until the plasterer finishes doing his stuff, I've cleaned (actually I could prolly do with cleaning a whole lot more, but that just isn't fun) and I've visited friends, cuddled babies etc... I'm now resorting to doing crosswords to try and keep my mind active!!

Its funny somedays, I soooo look forward to OH coming home from work so that I get a bit of human conversation!! I mean, I talk to the dogs and cat a lot, but they dont tend to talk back LOL.

Anyway, I went out for a Christmas get-together last night and I was very good - only had one glass of wine very early on. I didnt even eat very much (mostly because it was horrible) so I dont think I did too much damage last night. I was very tired getting up for gym this morning, and it showed in my lack of strength. I didn't make the same reps today that I did last week, and left gym with jelly triceps!

Its OH's 32nd birthday on Friday (he's finally catching up with me!) so I've got to go get myself organised to cook Beef Wellingtons for 7 people - I'm not sure if my oven is big enough! Wish me luck!


Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Hiliary

I know, it can be boring being a non working girl. I tried doing it for a while, but I missed the money and the adrenalin of being busy and having the interaction with people. But the one thing I did get addicted to was the gym, as i had all the time in the world to do workouts and anytime I wanted to do them. But the worst habit I got into when I wasn't working, was the sleeping in. at least you still get up and go the gym early in the morning. When do you actually start work again???


Magda said...

Hi Hilary,

isnt it funny that when we are at work all we want is to be home and then when we are for any extended time, we get bored!! Just proves the grass is not greener etc.

Good luck with the beef welly. My WH would be there in a flash for beef welly. Its one of his faves too.



Will post a pic soon.

Antigone said...

You know your in trouble when the dogs start talking back and that they actually make sense LOL
Good on you for getting xmas shopping done,i just have food shopping to go!
Have a great week hun :)

RaeC said...

Yeah, well... perhaps we can swap places and I'll give it a try for a while and see if I feel the same. Then you can have all the human interaction and work you can handle with my job... LOL!! I'm doing my boss' role, the security analysts role, another one went on holidays this week (but being the boss I delegated his role to someone else... hehehe!!) and unfortunately one of our sys admin people is away for an uncertain length of time because his father passed away on the weekend. With him I have told him to take all the time he needs. But I'll give you one thing... it makes for the days flying by, which is not a good thing when you still have pressies that need to be sent to the other side of Australia!!

Have a great weekend and good luck with the dinner party... I am sure you won't need it :o) xxx

Dianna Broeren said...

Hi Hilary, it won't be long and you will run off your feet with the new job! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Amy said...

Hi Hilary,

To tell you the truth I had not heard of Chamonix before I was going on this trip either. Some of the friends I am going with are keen snow boarders so they have done all the organising for this trip which has been nice.

I wish I was a lady of leisure like yourself. It won't be long now that you were wishing you were back on holidays!!

Have a lovely christmas and new year

love amy

Andj said...

Hi Hils,
I know how you feel - when you first start on long holidays/a break - it is all novel and fun and then the novelty wears a bit thin!
Hope everything is going well otherwise. Hey - could you possibly email me your new email address?