Thursday, December 06, 2007

Look what I'm getting...

Last week I used some credit card reward points to order a Navman S30, which is an entry level GPS. Dont you just love shiny new gadgets? When I start my new job I'm going to be driving around a fair bit, so this will be a fairly important tool for me, so I dont get lost. I'm hoping to have it before Christmas, I cant wait!

I also ordered a couple of singlets from Lean Ladies so I'll be on the lookout for the postman in the next few weeks! I have recently discovered that a new Lorna Jane has opened up at my local shopping centre. So far I have managed to stay away, but its calling me.

I've been training hard and eating clean this week, but I'm still feeling bloated and I cant seem to shake it. Maybe I will cut out my morning coffee and see if that helps.

I have done nothing but paint this week, and I'm over it. This week was the first time I had ever painted a ceiling, and I can tell you - it aint fun. Its all very well having a drop sheet on the floor, but it doesn't stop the paint from splattering on your face, in your eyes, on your hair. It certainly doesn't pay to roll on ceiling paint with your mouth open either.

Its been stinking hot here this week, which hasn't helped. I have ended up with a bit of a crook neck from craning my head back all day, and man did my shoulders get a good build up of lactic acid this week! The worst of it is that I have only done two ceilings - many more to go! At lunchtime yesterday I gave up and went back to painting walls instead.

Today I'm having a bludge day. Well actually I just refuse to paint today. Maybe I'll do some more weeding, or I might just go check out Lorna Jane!!


Doris's New Beginning! said...

Hey Hiliary

Go do Lorna, one of my vices unfortunately........I should get VIP status. Lorna and Rockwear!!!

Have a great relax day.


Antigone said...

Ok well i have to tell you the truth my hubby bought one of those GPS thingys i hate it! it cost a fortune and the silly bugger uses it even to get to the super market which is 7 minutes away! and he spends more time playing with that silly thing then he does me! Why did i marry techno wheeny LOL
I hate ceilings they are the worst to paint i don't blame you wanting some time off you deserve it :)
Have fun shopping:)

RaeC said...

Oh I am so a techo weeney like Em's hubby... I so want want WANT a GPS system you lucky thing!!

I read your previous post about mind over matter nodding my head in agreement the whole time. There has been many a time I've tricked myself into going longer or harder than what I felt like. Even if your body is like lead, you just need to go as long as it takes for the oxygen to hit the bloodstream, then it's like everything gets oiled and warm and you can keep going.

Have a great weekend xxx

Michelle said...

Good luck with the g gadgets! When they work they are FABULOUS!

When they don't....ARRRGGGHHH!

XX - Michelle