Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Quit!!!!!

I quit my job on Thursday!!!!!!!

mmmmm that feels weird to type.

After 7 and a half years, it was time to move on. I had been half-heartedly job-searching for 6 months or so, and I was really starting to get down about it. I was miserable going to work, and it was really starting to affect other parts of my life. Lots of trouble sleeping because I was thinking about stressful work stuff. Then lack of sleep affects my training. Then tiredness makes me cranky etc.

So out of the blue a few weeks ago I get a phone call from a previous manager (who's now the Managing Director of my new company), go for an interview, and on Thursday morning I'm offered a fantastic job!

I wasted no time and went straight to my office and handed in my resignation letter. This was probably the hardest part. I felt sooo guilty. To me, the worst feeling in the world is feeling like I've let someone down, and thats how I felt on Thursday. The person I report to started crying, which made me feel even worse. I do feel for her - its going to be tough for her now.

Because I'm going to work for a competitor/customer, I got sent home straight away (conflict of interest). I had to go back in on Friday morning to discuss "what we're going to do with you". (ie terminate me immediately, put me on "garden" leave, or make me work my notice)

So yesterday I went back and was told that I'm now on "garden" leave. This means that I'm still an employee for my notice period (one month) but am not allowed on site. Basically means I get a months paid holiday! So I said my goodbyes to everyone, and my fabulous ex-boss and I went out for a long lunch and glass of wine to celebrate. I will miss her the most.

So I am now a lady of leisure!! I have 7 weeks before I start my new job (how good is THAT!!) so I'm writing a list of things I need to do during that time. Obviously there is lots of painting to be done in the house, and the there is 1/2 an acre of garden that needs some desperate attention, so I dont think I will get bored. I'm also looking forward to some sleep-ins, going to gym a little later in the morning, taking the dogs for lots of walks, catching up with girlfriends with babies that I dont see much of anymore... Christmas shopping, checking out the new DFO with mum, reading some books, trying out some new recipes for dinners, relaxing.... are you jealous yet??!!!!! LOL!


Antigone said...

How wonderful is that :)
Congratulations hun that is fantastic news, Talk about one door closes and another one opens!
Have a great holiday hun enjoy it before the rush of work creeps back up on you :)

RaeC said...

Congratulations beautiful, and as someone that is up at 4.30am to train, then work, then come home and prepare for the next day... I am SEETHING with jealousy... LOL!! Well at least I would be if I wasn't so happy for you. It's very exciting to read how excited you are about the new career. I hope it is everything you dreamed of and has you bouncing out of bed and unable to hardly wait for the work day to begin xxx

jodie said...

Hils that is awesome! Congratulations :) Wonderful you get Garden Leave, I think that term is hilarious. I hope the new role is fantastic and has some challenges and opportunities for you. Enjoy your leave -- yes I am jealous!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations Hilary!! Yay!! It sounds as though it has been coming for ages, so that it wonderful that you finally got something you can change to.

I am sooo envious of that 7 week holiday, but I think you have earned every second of it.

You will find heaps to do and just think of the times you can now go to the gym. If I were you I would sleep until 9am, then go to the gym and be back for lunch and an afternoon of nothing. Bliss!! (or just my old days of uni, he, he.).

Enjoy being a lady of leisure :)

Amy said...

Congratulations Hilary- It sounds like you are really happy. Enjoy your time off. Relax and enjoy your time before starting your new job. It comes at a great time of year for you too. Enjoy being a lady of leisure!!


Pip said...

Congratulations Hilw! Enjoy the break HEAPS and new year, new job! I am really happy for you!


Magda said...

EXTREMELY JEALOUS!!!!! But wishing you all the best in your new endeavours Hil.

Take care and cheers


Ali said...

That's just awesome Hilary!! enjoy it , and sounds like your going to love your new job, "garden leave" I love it!!!

Andj said...

Oh wow - that is awesome news for you. how weird/cool for you to have been poached (in a sense). You will love that break and go to your new job so fresh. benefots of working in private enterprise you see. I love the terminology too - garden leave. LOL

Doris's New Beginning! said...

Well done! at least you didn't leave it as long as I did - 18 yrs to get up the nerve to quit. I am insanely jealous of the 7 weeks off with pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the DFO shopping outside of peak hours ie weekend!