Friday, June 29, 2007

Eye tests

I had a very low day yesterday.

I had to go into the city yesterday to see my eye doctor.  Because I had those pressure problems in my eye during my operations, I had to have a test to check how good my field of vision is, and also had to have some photos taken of the back of my eye and optic nerves.  The good news is that my field of vision is normal.  The bad news is that my right optic nerve is smaller than normal, and as a result I have some stretching (cupping) around the optic nerve site on the back of my retina.  What this means is that its highly likely that I'm going to develop Glaucoma, probably in the distant future. 

I had to ask the doctor what glaucoma actually was.  I mean, I've heard of it, but didn't really know what it was all about.  I thought it was just pressure in the eye.  Not so.  You can have glaucoma and have no pressure problems at all - which is what they think I will have.  Glaucoma gradually takes your peripheral vision.  It creeps in quietly and painlessly.  They call it the "sneak sight-thief".  Half the people who have it dont even know it.  If glaucoma is left untreated it leads to tunnel vision, and eventual blindness.  Actually its one of the biggest cause of blindness in the world.

So this deflated me a lot yesterday.  I got very down about it.  The good thing is we caught it WAY early, and I will have to have the field test done every couple of years to see if anything is changing.  The scary thing is that glaucoma is incurable - but they can slow the deterioration down with drops, medication and laser.

Today I'm feeling better about it.  Its hopefully a looooong way off, and even then, it might not develop.  Still, its a bit weird knowing that it might be coming.

So that's whats happening with me!  I had a diet blowout yesterday due to being down in the dumps, but I'm back on track today.  No sense stressing about something I cant control, so its onwards and upwards from here - just try to stop me!!!


little rene said...

I'm sorry to hear about your bad news Hilary but like you said at least now you are aware of it and can do everything in your power to prevent it getting any worse.

Life has a way of throwing these little challenges our way doesn't it?

Hope you are feeling better now :)

little rene said...

PS. I loved your sketches! You are very talented :)

Kaddy said...

:( oh hil that sux! but on a positive they find new cures for things all the time... just because its 'incurable' now doesnt mean it's uncurable! :)

have my fingers crossed...our sight is so incredibly important; and u know what, its little things like that others such as myself take for granted; i would be gutted if i lost my site.... i appreciate the beauty the world has to offer so much!

Am so glad u can slow it down in the mean time and that you're feeling stronger!!

take care; have a happy weekend


Sue Heintze said...

Hils - you have had a lot of troubles with your eyes over the years haven't you - you deserve a bit of good fortune soon. At least these days there is so much more that you can do, as opposed to times past. Can't wait to catch up soon. Keep that positive attitude Hils.


Magda said...

I'm sorry to hear that bad news Hilary. Fingers crossed that you are in that group of people to whom it never happens.



jodie said...

Hi Hils
My Nan has glaucoma, so I might get it too but it is better to know now than find out too late. It still is a worry but you are right in saying that stressing about when it might not happen is not worth it... Focus on the NOW and do what you can to make the future better. Concentrate on what you can control. Hopefully they find a cure or prevention before, if or when it does become an issue for you, me and others.

jewel said...

hey hil,take heart that at least you can slow the process down-im sure that and the blow out didnt help tummy at all-but at least you are back on the wagon now-it so understandable that it has thrown you, but i have faith that it wont happen soon!!!!

Ali said...

I was so sorry to read this post Hil, however you sure do have the right attitude and like you said you got onto it early and it may not get worse.

Have a wonderful weekend and take care


Nat said...

sorry to hear your bad news. Medical science is advancing so quickly, lets hope they have a cure in the not to distant future :)

Selina said...

sorry to hear hils :(
At least you found it early, you can do everything possible to slow down any deteriation.
good attitude :)